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Case Study on Synaptic Corporation - Essay Example

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This research and analyst as a consultant shows that the three types of risks facing Synaptic Corporation are dependency, estimating, and delay risks. Both the Information Management and Computational Biologists have a role to play in the causes of the risks, as well as in their management and for that matter.

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Case Study on Synaptic Corporation
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Extract of sample "Case Study on Synaptic Corporation"

Download file to see previous pages This essay is on a case study of Synaptic Corporation, which is a company that develops drugs. The company’s staff is broadly divided into two: Information management and computational scientists. The Company faces cultural challenges and lack of proper communication and coordination between the two teams. This results to several risks within the Corporation. This essay identifies the risks facing the Information management process and their respective tools as recommended by the hired consultant. To be able to fully give the solutions to the issues that are plaguing Synaptic Corporation, as a consultant, I would like to point out some of the risks that from my analysis and research, seem to be affecting the company. These types of schedule risks are quite common; they are defined to be slips in schedule as a result of aspects that are at least ostensibly under the project’s control. More than half of the scheduled risks are represented by delay risks. There are about four types of delay risk. They include hardware, parts, information, and decisions. Main sources of delay with regard to parts are problems to do with delivery and availability. Delays may also be as a result of available parts that did arrive at the required time although they have been discovered to be having defects. For example in the current case, the Information Management complains that the scientific software development presented to them by the Computational biologists is defective and that it does meet the standards of the company apart from being incompatible with the company architecture. This therefore causes the Information management to delay in making decisions that are critical to the operation of the corporation based on what the computational scientists have to present. Another case in the delay category is information type of delay. Both misunderstandings and communication time lags may result to information delay. In other cases, there can be interruption in the delivery of required reports as well poor access to the relevant information (Kendrick, 2009, p. 72-73). In the synaptic case, there is delay risk as a result of information based delay. This can be deduced from the explanation given by the Information Management managers. They assert that the computational team does not make consultations with them early enough (indicating communication time lags). Apart from this, the computation scientists are blamed for submitting an end product to the Information Managers which requires which does not give the latter sufficient time to switch to a new set of servers on a deadline that is too tight. They also claim that doing all this requires both planning and budgeting that should have been done earlier. This clearly points out an element of information delay due to communication time lags between the two groups. On the other hand, I have found out as a consultant that computational scientists are complaining of the Information Managers’ slow pace of development and perceive their demands about documentation and governance as bureaucratic and uneconomical. In their view, the Information managers are behind the technology curve. This from my point of view as a consultant is a clear show of misunderstanding between the two groups, which are the key cause delay risk in fulfilling the objectives of the corporation. The other cause of delay risk is the hardware that is required to ensure that project work has been performed. These include both equipment and systems that may be late (Kendrick, 2009, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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katlynquigley added comment 9 months ago
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I didn’t know how to start my essay. "Case Study on Synaptic Corporation" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of first sentence was valuable.

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