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How Technology Support Investigation Function:Morgan Stanley - Essay Example

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The main aim of this paper is to discuss the investigation function within the investment of Morgan Stanley and how the technology supported the function. In order for investment banks to become more efficient in their services, they choose to adopt new technologies…
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How Technology Support Investigation Function:Morgan Stanley
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Extract of sample "How Technology Support Investigation Function:Morgan Stanley"

Download file to see previous pages The three business segments and functions of Morgan Stanley are supported by shared services and information technology. Aside from the execution of business, they also provide financial advisory and capital raising services to institutional clients. Through these technologies, the order agreed with the customer is being executed then it will be captured into the back office system that involves operations and IT so that confirmation details will be sent to the customer. The technology will also do the calculation, forecast, and real-time information of the required funding, and finally the maintenance proper of corporate actions and open positions. Shared services supported the bank in the areas of Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Risk Officer, General Counsel, and Investment Banking Support. On the other hand, IT supported the business divisions of the bank so that it will be able to meet demands and business priorities. This is the reason why investment banks choose to spend much more on its IT department compared to other financial service companies. Basically, the roles and opportunities of IT involved the initiation of the project, business analysis on the documents, system analysis and design particularly on the architecture, construction or developer, validation, deployment of infrastructure engineer, and support from analysts. It has been mentioned earlier that investment banks can be viewed generally or by a wide range of functions that include investigation, underwriting....
This is the reason why investment banks choose to spend much more on its IT department compared to other financial service companies. Basically the roles and opportunities of IT involved initiation of the project, business analysis on the documents, system analysis and design particularly on the architecture, construction or developer, validation, deployment of infrastructure engineer, and support from analysts. It has been mentioned earlier that investment banks can be viewed generally or by a wide range of functions that include investigation, underwriting, and selling/distribution. “The function of investigation and analysis is to determine whether a proposed bond issue has sufficient merit to be offered to a conservative investing public” (Moulton, 1975, p. 157). Before a certain issue of securities is undertaken by any investment bank, an investigation and analysis are performed first. Morgan Stanley is one of those high standing investment houses that performed specialization on cases of very large issues. Being an intermediary or agent among different institutions for many corporate financial transactions, the company must make certain that the securities are profitable to the clients as well as on the investment banking institutions. Part of the investigation is the adaptation of emerging technologies so that obtaining needed information will always be possible. Through the “innovative data communication technology allows the desk staff to store, retrieved, and update knowledge regardless of geographical and time limitation” (Lytras & Naeve, 2007, p. 277). This function is also supported by a technology called e-support wherein both the users and the investigating panel will make use of online resources such as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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