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Strategy as practice & leadership - Essay Example

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Practices simultaneously stir up prior meaning and develop conditions for new ones;thus,serving to move beyond the resistance between objectivism and subjectivism. Moreover,though most co-operations present their strategy in conceptual conditions,this strategy also plays a big role in our everyday activities …
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Strategy as practice & leadership
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Extract of sample "Strategy as practice & leadership"

Download file to see previous pages Practices simultaneously stir up prior meaning and develop conditions for new ones; thus, serving to move beyond the resistance between objectivism and subjectivism. Moreover, though most co-operations present their strategy in conceptual conditions, this strategy also plays a big role in our everyday activities and mostly those who work with large co-operations. Nevertheless, both social and every day aspects of the strategy are vastly unexplored. The paper seeks to show individuals or aspects that try to influence strategic issues more than their immediate operational responsibilities. An individual sees this strategy as a major concern and an immense necessity, which can lead to the achievement of organisational goals and objectives. Activities involved in manipulating strategic issues differ considerably such as seeking to influence opinions or activities of superiors, subordinates, peers, seeking to protect resources or even seeking to alter the organization or its systems. The essay assesses strategic practices that both enable and disable the approach of strategy as practice. Through strategic practices, the paper first refers to the concepts, techniques and tools involved in developing strategies and subsequently, the social routines regarded by strategy workers as crucial in strategy formation and implementation (Cummings, 2003). According to Whittington (2003), practice is stuff performed and acknowledged both as genuine and practiced properly. Strategy can be referred to an organizational asset, and involves these activities, which are performed by the organisation employees; therefore, strategy can be described as a day-to-day activity in the organisations. For example, differentiation strategies can be described as an activity, which is conducted by people in different customs and therefore, appears to be a bigger challenge for the rest to replicate; therefore, strategy procedures engage individuals to make those strategies. As such, strategy practice essentially concerns strategy as an activity within organizations, usually the interaction of people, instead of strategy being an organization’s property. On one hand, managers crave to be strategy expert practitioners, while alternatively, scholars face an enormous problem flanked by strategy theories and actual practice strategy (Cockburn, Henderson and Stern, 2000). Strategy as practice is a fresh perspective and the paper seeks to set out theoretical foundations as well as experimental job, this leads to its theoretical and empirical growth (Brown and Duguid, 2001). There has been growing research in practice of strategy since it forms part of intellectual movement. In strategic management, the process of coming up and implementing organizational strategy has been under scrutiny by various scholars even including the study of micro processes. Although resource based view of an organization focuses on dynamic abilities, most of the abilities that can result in sustainable advantage are not commodities, but hard-to-discern and awkward to trade; therefore, they remain hidden resource based strategy. By contrast, strategy as practice holds the potential for improved contemplation of both work and concerns of practitioners to developing actionable knowledge (Brown and Starkey, 2000). Leadership and learning are very important in ensuring that the organisation is in a position to achieve its goals and therefore, become a successful co-operation with high skilled workers (Phillips, 2003). High-quality strategy recognizes the organization’s position with respect to the needed destination, and the needs for the company to grow and attain its goals. Therefore, the space between the existing reality and the desired circumstances needs to be crammed by increasing individual proficiency and organizational capability (Bernthal, and Wellins, 2004). An appropriate operations strategy is essential in organizations since it determines the extent to which a business strategy is implemented and is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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