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Management Leadership: High-Tech Graphics Designers Company - Coursework Example

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This paper presents good management which is often aimed at providing clients and or customers with services in a way that is appropriate, equitable, efficient and sustainable. This is possible only if there is a careful synchronisation of human resources, hardware, finances…
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Management Leadership: High-Tech Graphics Designers Company
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Extract of sample "Management Leadership: High-Tech Graphics Designers Company"

Download file to see previous pages Purpose and task clarity; ii. Quality organisational skills; iii. The ability to communicate duties and or tasks and expect effective results in return; iv. Good skills of delegation; v. Are able to negotiate various regulatory as well as administrative processes of the organisation effectively. Mission Statement. High-Tech Graphics Designers’ Company is an innovative graphics design company that is dedicated at providing clients with step forward solutions enabling them promote their brands. We have fully qualified staff with relevant experience in multimedia, web, textiles as well as branding and Graphic Design. Our pride is development of close relationships with our buyers in order to ensure that the products designed and produced are the finest or rather optimal. Good Management. High-Tech Graphic Designers’ Company aims at creating a good management team that will ensure the resources available to the company are well synchronised and utilised to the maximum with the aim of making business progress in terms profit, growth and development while at the same time minimizing the costs incurred during the whole process of designing clients’ products. In order for this to be possible, High-Tech has established a number of conditions that will see to it that the goal of good management is achieved. These, according to Morten and Nohria (27), include: i. Selection of managers and members of their teams is to be done strictly on merit without any bias; ii. Clients, staff, and supervisors should respect the manager. However, the manager should earn this respect deservedly. iii. A manager must have the skills, knowledge and understanding of the tasks, roles and...
This paper discusses that good leaders are motivators to the other people and can negotiate for support and other resources necessary for achievement of the company’s objectives. High-Tech Graphics Designers’ Company has assembled a team of ten players who have been distributed with different managerial roles in the organisation. However, this people are under one head, the Chief Executive Officer who in himself is a manager and a good leader as well.
As the report stresses the major advantage held by the High-Tech team is that most have worked together on different projects for different companies and or organisations and for quite some time. In addition, these group holds a number of significant attributes that are vital to the success of any organisation, which include them being charismatic, decisive, have the ability to influence other people and work as a team towards a common goal, they can use creative and or critical problem solving in the promotion of quality designs as well as a positive environment of work. High-Tech Graphics Designers’ Company is an innovative graphics design company that is dedicated at providing clients with step forward solutions enabling them promote their brands. High-Tech Graphics Designers’ Company is a new company in the market and as such has few major decisions that should be undertaken. The delegation of tasks is inevitable due to the bulk involved with the design process as well as numerous clients and promotion process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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