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Operation Management - Dubai International Airport - Term Paper Example

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Operation Management-Dubai International Airport Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Research proposal Thesis statement: Incorporation of Total Quality Management (TQM) in the administration of Dubai International Airport. Executive Summary The accomplishment of total quality management has been the privilege of most companies in the world, Dubai International Airport incorporated…
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Operation Management - Dubai International Airport
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Download file to see previous pages A look at the advantages of TQM reveals that it has been able to be more important than its disadvantages and as such is rapidly being adopted by most firms (BANK, 2000). This study for that reason, sought after examining the application of total quality management in the operations of Dubai International Airport in relation to the following key themes or concepts: globalization, cultural organization of the airport, the decision making process used by the management, relations of financial forecasting and its techniques to TQM, emergency, safety and security, economic significance, and infrastructural developments within the facility (MUKHERJEE, 2006). Introduction Dubai International Airport is an international airport that serves Dubai. As a major airline hub, the airport serves the Middle East as a main airport. This airport is also the home base of most of the international airlines in Dubai such as Emirates, Fly Dubai and Emirates Sky Cargo (HUGOS, 2003). Other international airlines have also lined up to be operating from this airport and as such it is an extremely busy airport in the Middle East compared to all other airports. In a month, this airport operates hundreds of thousands of passenger flights to several other destinations in the world. The airport is spread over a large piece of land spanning up to 3500 ha (BOERMEESTER & DURANTE, 2000). The airports ability to handle this huge passenger traffic made it to be ranked the 3rd busiest international airport by international passenger traffic thus, surpassing Hong Kong International airport in the rankings (LI, 2013). Research questions The following questions were the guiding points of this study. i. What effects does the adoption of total quality management by Dubai International Airport have on its operations? ii. What total quality barriers do the organization face in its operations if any? Purpose and significance of the study The purpose of this study is to establish the relevance of total quality management policies within the operational actions of Dubai International Airport (REID & SANDERS, 2007). The results of this study are anticipated at benefiting the Middle East economy with regard to airport supervision by contributing to the improvement of knowledge and understanding on the subject area both hypothetically and practically (KETCHEN, 2007). It shall also form the basis on which other researchers can build up their studies in the equivalent or related field in the future. Objective of the study Based on the study’s statement of the problem and the research questions, the validation of this study will based on the main purpose of establishing the impacts of total quality management on the operations of Dubai International Airport and whether these quality management policies have had any influence on the growth trends witnessed in the organization (HANSSON, 2003). Scope of the study The study is prearranged to be conducted during the semester as part of a partial achievement of the course requirements. The study shall be structured into a number of chapters with wide-ranging coverage of the sub-topics done under each chapter. Consequently, the scope of this study shall be restricted to date from the year 2000 with Dubai Internation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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