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Discussion question 2 - Essay Example

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Discussion Questions DATE Both efficiency and effectiveness are equally important for organisational performance. Efficiency is concerned with the process of getting the outcome. It refers to doing things the right way it calls for repetitive motions such that the process is learnt and perfected and there are no mistakes while producing the required outcome…
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Discussion question 2
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Download file to see previous pages Effectiveness on the other hand is concerned with achieving a stated objective. Effectiveness aims to ensure that the outcome of a process is the one that was intended when the production process was beginning. When considering effectiveness only, an organisation may explore different ways of achieving the end result. Effectiveness alone may not be enough in regards to the limited resources with which organisations have to work with therefore a balance between efficiency and effectiveness needs to be achieved so that after the production process, the organisation has not only achieved the main goal ,but it has also used a cost effective efficient process. Management can improve both efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously though the maximum benefits may not be achieved immediately. Efficiency could be improved by creating a conducive working environment for workers. This may include allowing flexible working hours. This way workers who are more productive in the mornings work in the morning while those who are more productive late at night work then.By allowing workers flexibility in their working, they end up being more efficient. Identifying workplace processes and mapping them helps determine if there are any unnecessary or redundant processes interfering with workplace efficiency. If such processes are eliminated or done away with efficiency is greatly improved (Kejz?ar 728). Embracing new technologies for example use of I pads in businesses increases computing flexibility and portability, greatly improves efficiency. Another way of improving efficiency at workplace is by encouraging teamwork among employees. This enables them to communicate more effectively .For instance if they are involved in teamwork activities outside the workplace as in a teambuilding retreat they are more likely to carry the lessons learnt back to the workplace .This way processes become become more efficient and the main objective of the organization is met thus both efficiency and effectiveness can be improved simultaneously Societal factors are external forces or factors emerging from changes and trends in the society that have impacts on organizations beyond their control. They include social cultural factors, legal factors technological advancements and international factors such as the global recession. Societal factors affect the theory and practice of management in various ways .For instance, current trends and attitudes are having a huge impact on how organisations and businesses are managed .Development of internet has led to many organisations turning to the world of online marketing and advertisements to enable them reach a broader range of clients. Many high street organisations are capitalizing on the popularity of the worldwide web to come up with exclusive online ranges of their products and goods. Changes in the society are resulting in organisations allowing a proportion of their employees, some with young children and others who have hectic schedules to work from home (Kejz?ar 524). This way the employees who are not able to work from the office are not lost thus the employer does not have to look for new employees who might need training and take time before they become as efficient as the previous ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discussion Question 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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