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Benchmarking - Book Report/Review Example

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Benchmarking Sustainability [Author] [Institution] Table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. Sustainability in the process of benchmarking 3. Benchmarking sustainability for different business types 4. Application of benchmarking sustainable practices 5. Problems with benchmarking 6…
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Extract of sample "Benchmarking"

Download file to see previous pages Benchmarking is used to compare the processes of one business to the best of the industry or to the best practices from other industries. There may be many dimensions that are measured such as quality, cost and time as per the performance of the business. In the business world, this process of benchmarking is used as a tool to improve and compete with the other better business practices. The management of the business uses the results of comparing their practices with others, and then they evaluate their performance, and how they are achieving their targets to be successful than the others. Performance can be measured in benchmarking using indicators which measure cost per unit, productivity per unit of measure, defects per unit of measure and these results in a performance metrics which is used to compare to the others. Mostly this process of benchmarking is used in strategic management. It helps the organizations to evaluate their process in comparison to the other companies with best practices. It allows the organizations to plan their goals and targets to make improvements and enhance their own practices to increase business performance. Benchmarking is seen as an important process as it continually allows organizations to improvise and enhance their practices. Sustainability in the process of benchmarking: The term sustainability is used in many contexts generally, but when we talk about sustainability in the process of benchmarking, it refers to the sustainable practices which improve business performance. Sustainability allows businesses to carry out practices and strategies in a way that are long lasting and do not have a negative impact in the long term future of the business. There are many decisions and strategies that the business uses up at different stages of its growth, yet there are some important and constant strategies on which each and every practice is based. Once the business starts operating, it has some strategies which are continually being followed by all the members and it soon becomes the organization culture, in accordance to which every decision is made. However, there are some decisions and goals that are temporary or for a short term only such as for a specific project, or in businesses where the nature of work changes according to the projects given. Such decisions are not counted in the measurement of sustainability nor are they important in benchmarking. A sustainable decision or target is that which is long term and influences the performance outcomes of the business. A business will be termed as sustainable when it applies practices that have a positive impact on the environment, its chain practices and the strategic development. A sustainable business is the one which can rely on its practices to overcome any problems occurring in the future (Moore, 2008, p. 37). Benchmarking sustainability thus, refers to the processes of the business set out by the management of the business in order to make sure they are better than the other businesses in the industry. Benchmarking sustainability is to ensure decisions, actions, plans and strategies that asses the improvement of the business in comparison to others. It talks about the competitive strategies and decisions taken after the process of benchmarking to improve the level of practices in the businesses. Sustainable benchmarking is achieved when the business is able to maintain the competitive strategy in their long term future and is in a position that it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Benchmarking Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words)
Benchmarking Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
“Benchmarking Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words”, n.d.
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...? Benchmarking Contents Benchmarking Contents 2 Part 3 Part 2: Case Study 8 Xerox 8 Hewlett- Packard 10 General Motors 11 Conclusion 13 Reference15 Part 1 Discuss whether, if overestimation of performance is common, management attempts to introduce benchmarking procedures are likely to meet with employee resistance? Benchmarking is termed as an improvement process which is mainly used to discover as well as incorporate the best practices in operation. It is the most preferred process which understands and identifies the elements of world class performance in work process (Damelio, 1995, p.1). There are four processes in benchmarking which includes...
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...Running Head: Bench marking Topic:  Benchmarking School Introduction Benchmarking, according to Andersen and Pettersen (1996), is a common process through which organizations measure particular aspects of performance against established group norms, previous performance or future performance. Such comparisons are often made to generate reports. The resulting information in the reports can then be used by both statisticians and decision makers to understand the facts pertaining to a particular business issue of interest. One common use of analyzed data in comparing business performance can be seen in the use of different kinds of statistical data... schools...
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...Benchmarking Introduction Benchmarking is a tool widely used in the business world. Companies use this form of management as a point of reference. Benchmarking is a tool that companies use to compare its operation to other operation (Watson, 2007). The benchmarks are set standards that are higher with which companies use as yard sticks in determing their performances. It is additionally a way businesses evaluates the healthiness of their processes and business. Basically benchmarking involves the process of studying the general industry and the competitive practices. It is used as a way of gauging a company’s success and pin pointing the company’s...
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