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Organisational Strategy & Decision Making - Essay Example

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Management Essay Abstract The present study revolves around analysing and evaluating strategic position of the Starbucks. Marketing efforts is a dynamic concept and demand company to regularly monitor and assess marketing capabilities. The assessment of the strategic and marketing position is done with the help of strategic tools and techniques like Ansoff’s matrix and Porter generic competitive strategies…
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Organisational Strategy & Decision Making
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Extract of sample "Organisational Strategy & Decision Making"

Download file to see previous pages Marketing efforts is a dynamic concept and demand company to regularly monitor and assess marketing capabilities. The assessment of the strategic and marketing position is done with the help of strategic tools and techniques like Ansoff’s matrix and Porter generic competitive strategies. The recommended strategic actions are also provided in accordance with the strategic analysis done with the help of above mentioned tools and techniques. 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Introduction Starbucks Corporation, a global and reputed American coffee company engages in the selling of coffee, hot and cold drinks, other beverages and items such as cups, tumblers, and mugs. The coffee products of the company hold big image and reputation across the world with the market capitalisation of $40 billion and with the sales of 1.2 billion pounds (Starbucks Jumps as Profit Increases on U.S. Sales Gain 2012). Starbucks Corporation functions on the basis of mission statement-‘to inspire and nurture the human spirit, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time’ (Starbucks Corporation 2012). The company is dedicated towards sourcing finest quality coffee beans in order to deliver enriched quality coffee to its customers and known for their genuine service, pleasing atmosphere, and superior quality. The underlying essay aims at analysing and reviewing strategic position of the company in order to determine its strategic position. Internal and external audit has also been performed in order to gain idea about the internal and external environment of the company. Analysis of strategic position helps in outlining appropriate strategic action that should be adopted by the company in coming period. Internal and external audit Internal and external audit analysis of the business organisations are performed with the purpose of gaining idea about their existing capabilities and limitations. Business plans and strategies are formulated in light of assessed capabilities and limitations. In this regard, tool named SWOT analysis has been used in order to gain idea about their existing strategic capabilities. SWOT analysis represents strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Strength and weakness analysis will represent internal audit for company while opportunities and threats will provide external audit of the company. Internal audit The most apparent strength for the company is strong brand image and identity of the company in the coffee business. Starbucks owns an impeccable and recognisable brand image in the coffee business. The strong brand image and identity facilitate the company to gain strong foothold and enters new markets across the globe. The company owns deep product portfolio with distinct features like Gourmet Coffee, regular drip coffee, Frappuccino blended coffee, and many more. The deep product portfolio enables the company to target wide customer base and delivering enriched purchase experience. The product quality and excellent customer service complements and support the existing brand image of the company (Starbucks raises 2013 forecast, defies industry trend 2012). The regular and active involvement of company in environmental and ethical practices acts as another strength for Starbucks. Eco-friendly practices related to energy conservation, climate controlling and maintenance are some of such eco-friendly practi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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