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This research paper “International differences in work-related values” is a reflective journal/ diary based on cultural dynamics. With five different diary entries, it would reflect the readings on five teaching sessions on the module…
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International differences in work-related values
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Download file to see previous pages Cultural differences are important issues that describe different values and beliefs of people coming from different socio-cultural background. This necessitates development of distinct capabilities of people management. People management primarily helps develop understanding the values and beliefs of different culture. It facilitates in building constructive relationship amongst people coming from diverse background based on mutual respect. The paper is a reflective journal/ diary based on cultural dynamics. With five different diary entries, it would reflect the readings on five teaching sessions on the module: week 2 (Culture shock); week 7 (Chinese culture);week 8 (multicultural team);week 9 (cultural difference);and week 10 (Culture and leadership). Reflection on week 2 readings Cultural dynamics play hugely critical role in human interaction. Hofstede’s dimensions of culture emphasise collective programming of mind. This is interesting because it simultaneously stresses the differences and at the same time calls for integrated efforts to achieve common goals. It highlights the cultural competencies that can be judiciously exploited for shared goals. My knowledge of Chinese and Chinese culture was utilized in plays that were staged for collecting donation for cultural centre for foreign students in the university campus. It had shown their adaptability to change and their strong will to conquer the barrier of knowledge by inviting foreigners and sharing knowledge for mutual gain. Indeed, it shows that differences need to be interpreted within the broader context of goals and the way they can become tools for growth and development across various stages of life. Culture shock is inevitable when one is in a foreign land. Culture shock broadly refers to the considerable sense of discomfort that a person encounters when he/she is in a state that is different from his/her native place or place of origin (Guanipa, 1998). It has increasingly become important issue in the current environment of fast globalization and needs to be addressed for making one’s stay in foreign country more fruitful and productive. As a Chinese student, I have been faced with some major cultural differences that have necessitated important changes. The culture shock was predominant in its language barrier and differences in socio-cultural values which influence behaviour and attitude towards various issues. They can be overcome through concerted efforts like learning the language and developing cross cultural understanding. Making new friends through social networking and interacting with people from one’s culture helps to reduce homesickness whereas, taking cues from them helps in getting adjusted faster within the new environment. When I had applied for higher studies in UK, I was prepared for new experience and different socio-cultural environment. I had already equipped myself with good knowledge of English and was quite fluent in it. But I was very much surprised by the huge diversity of race, colour and nationality and the vernacular English which was quite popular amongst the immigrant population. While language barrier was not a major issue, effective communication remained a key factor because of the diversity of culture and values. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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