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Willa Seldon, who had a long 16 years of experience in for-profit organizations, had been hired as the executive director of Tides Center. Tides Center was dedicated to supporting the individuals and the groups for a better change in the society. …
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Willa Seldon case study
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Download file to see previous pages During her initial few months as the executive director, Seldon had to deliberately and at a fast pace roll out several initiatives in order to ensure that Tides Center could become a customer-centric organization that was capable of delivering an exceptional form of fiscal sponsorship services along with steady organizational growth. There were many features in the leadership style of Willa Seldon that she exhibited while her tenure at Tides Centre (A). They incorporated the modern and a few traditional methods of leadership. These are explained below: a. Changing the organization’s mission and goals- it sometimes becomes necessary to modify or completely change the mission statement of an organization. This may be required to keep pace with the competitors or align with the customers’ needs. Changes also become necessary when there are similar companies coming up in the same industry which can threat an organization to shut itself down. So in order to avoid such situations it is necessary to change the missions and goals for the organization concerned (Chew, Cheng & Lazarevic, 2006, p.63). From the given case study we can see that there were many places where Tides Centre needed immediate changes. Seldon had endured to utilize her strength to re-module the missions that were expected by the founder of the organization Drummond Pike. According to her version, Tides Centre was in need for an extensive modification in its cultures, its management, its operational approaches, perceptions, and its business related orientation. The entity had to change to a corporate identity instead of its non-profit orientation. This had compelled Seldon to impose time restrictions on many of the new projects. Timely changes often help to refocus on organizations and implementing new operational trends which could help to add several competitive advantages. Also mentioned in the case study is the fact that there were many companies which had collaborated with the financial aid industry and so it became imperative for Seldon to bring in changes in the hospital’s organizational goals so as to keep in pace with the growing changes. b. Working closely with the entire staff - Seldon had made it a point that every single member in the organization would have to contribute for the prospective changes to be made. A leader should always incorporate his/her fellow mates in the organization’s growth programs since it would require equal contributions in order to realize its goals. As a leader, Seldon had assembled a general meeting inviting the entire workforce in Tides in order to discuss the various organizational missions and the visionary prospects. The move was carried out to include the entire workforce into her prospected changes. Critically, Seldon compelled every employee or worker to think of himself as a change agent who had to play an important role to save Tides. This was done to create a sense of belonging in the employees. A leader should always aim at bringing the entire workforce of an organization together before it executes its planned changes. This would then curb the probable chances of resistance and any conservativeness that are evident among the staff member. Seldon was also working closely with several of the colleagues irrespective of their job ranks and implementing new strategic linkages between the organizational departments (Grant, 2005, p.469). Promoting interdepartmental relationships is an important feature that needs to be followed going by the changing markets conditions and the corporate demands. This was done by Seldon when she introduced interactions between the HR department and the finance offices to ensure that the employee related matters received immediate attention. This would also ensure the recruitment, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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