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BODY SHOP CASE STUDY -2 Executive Summary This paper represents detailed analysis of consumer behavior and consumer response on Body Shop. Analysis of consumer response on Body Shop requires feedback from the consumers who use the product. Therefore, interview of minimum 4 to 5 customers will help to assess different feedback…
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Body shop case study, part 2
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Download file to see previous pages Brand management is the result of strategic marketing. From pricing a product to pensioning that product in the targeted consumer mind are parts of strategic brand management. Customers’ feedback will be interpreted and analyzed in this paper with based on academic concept of brand management. A mind will be developed of Body Shop with respect to the feedback of the comments of interviewee customers about their experience on the products of Body Shop. Competitive analysis is another important area of brand management. Therefore, position of Body Shop brand in the customers’ mind will be evaluated by comparing the competitors positioning. Possibility and viability of brand extension will be analyzed based on the gap of customers’ satisfaction regarding the company’s products and their satisfaction. Finally, marketing momentum of this brand will be analyzed in Australian market of beauty products. Table of Contents Introduction 4 Data collection and analysis 5 Findings 6 Mind map analysis 8 Competitive market position 9 Brand extension 10 Marketing momentum in Australia 11 Conclusion 12 Reference 13 Introduction Body Shop is an international beauty products brand. Name of the company is The Body Shop International plc which is a US based multinational company established in 1976. The company has successfully grown from its first shop in Brington, England to 2400 stores in 61 countries. Effective brand management is one of the key reasons of its success. Both the market diversification along with product development strategies have been adopted by the company result a rapid growth in the European market and after that successful business in the international market. Recently, the company has been acquired by L’Oreal group and it has become a subsidiary of L’Oreal. The company sells more than 1200 products in domestic as well different foreign market across the world. There are different strategies and factors behind this successful creation of international brand. The company has been ethically following its core business values which cumulatively influenced its brand image. One of the important values of the company related to its brand management is that the company is dedicated to manufacture its wide range of products from the natural resources and least usage of chemicals. This is one o9f the key strength of the company which has become its competency over years. Customer acceptance and trust on the product of this company is positive result of brand management (The Body Shop, 2012). This study will deal with detailed analysis of some customers’ feedback about the products offered by the company. This will help to assess the position of the brand in competitive global market of beauty products. Customers’ buyers’ power is very high due to higher availability of beauty products in many domestic as well as international brands. So, brand extension is most important for this business that all companies keep continuous focus. Therefore, interviewing the customers will help to find out the requirement of brand extension of this company. Finally, recommendation for effective strategic brand management for its marketing momentum in Australian market will be provided based on the analysis and the demand and trend of customers’ preference about beauty products. Data collection and analysis There are different modes and processes of data collection i.e. collection of customers valuable feedback regarding products ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Body Shop Case Study, Part 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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