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In simple words interpersonal skills are about how effectively an individual communicates with a person or a group of person and how he/she behaves with others. In the context of business organizations interpersonal skills are represented to as the ability of a person to function within the organization through interaction and social communications. …
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Importance of Management and Interpersonal Skills
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore it is enlightened as the way individuals relate with each other. Interpersonal skills also take into account the ability to understand and listen. Decision making, personal stress as well problem solving is also considered as a part of it (Barkley and Murphy, 2005, p.699). Therefore interpersonal skills play an indispensible role towards the success of an individual in both the personal and professional fields. It further helps individuals to perform effectively in the various circumstances at the workplace (Klein, 2009, p.9).
Individuals with strong interpersonal skills can easily portray their confidence and charismatic image (Givens, 2008, p.314). It also helps to develop the management skills of a person. Management skills are also necessary for a person to function in an organization (Dan O’, 2008, p.163-164). Hence strong interpersonal skill and management skill act as the foundation of success.
The report will present a brief introduction and the background of management skills. It will mainly demonstrate the required expertise for a person to work in an organization. The study will also discuss different type of management skill. Furthermore in the literature review section, the study will shed light on the previous works of eminent writers and will also emphasize on the theories of interpersonal and management skills. Then reflective analyses will be carried out, which will depict one of the necessary skills required for a person to excel in his/her career. The report will then conclude with the significance of interpersonal and management skill. Finally it will offer few recommendations for the purpose of developing interpersonal and management skills. Introduction In the last few decades, the scenario of managerial tasks has undergone substantial changes. The changes are mainly because of the fact that economic, technological and organizational context in which administrative works are carried out has transformed rapidly. There have been changes in almost every sector of a business organization (Huber and Glick, 1995, p.400). Introduction of modern concepts such as “the self managed work team”, incorporation of Business Process Reengineering (BPR), extensive use of information technology and employment of a variety of communication techniques are some of the visible changes within an organization (Worrall and Copper, 1999, p.5). Consequently managers have to learn all such factors and their implementation processed in order to cope and get accustomed with the changes (Dey, 2004, p.86). Despite all such changes one thing remained constant and will probably remain constant in the near future. With inconsequential variations, what has remained unaltered for a number of years, are the basic skills that reside at the nucleus of effective management and is known as the management skills. In general management skills include conceptual skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills and finally effectiveness skill (Singh, 2012, p.20). Each of these skills has different applications and is implemented according to the need of the situation. However in addition to management skills, success also depends upon the personal skills. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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