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Intellectual capital measurement: a critical approach - Essay Example

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The article provides a case research on how a group of a large Australian fiscal organization used a technique based on difficulty hypothesis to examine intellectual capital in reality. The technique employs description, statistics, and visualizations to show the sense of intellectual capital at a given period…
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Intellectual capital measurement: a critical approach
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Download file to see previous pages n correspond with each other, it means that the treatment would diffuse, and the experiment may become invalid because of lack of planned differences between research and the control groups. Compensatory treatments This would arise when the experimental treatment gives desirable results but then emerges administrative unwillingness to bear the focused disparity that might result. This inequality, may as a result, lead to lack of use of random assignment to treatments that are believed valuable. Compensatory rivalry This happens where the assignment of the obese people to experiment and the trial conditions are made unrestricted such that conditions of common rivalry are generated. Thus, the control experiment may be forced to decrease the anticipated difference. The survey research has the following strengths and weaknesses. The strengths Surveys are very useful especially in describing and explaining the characteristics of large populations; self-administered surveys are good since they make large samples possible; survey research is very flexible; it is may be strong on reliability; survey research entails standardized questionnaires that are easily measured. The weaknesses Survey research frequently looks superficial since it covers complex topics; survey research sometimes do not deal with the environment of social life; in most cases survey research becomes inflexible to various situations; survey research has the problem of artificiality due to the limitation of the topics to be well articulated; finally, survey research may be very weak in validity. The qualitative field research has strengths and weaknesses of in comparison with other types of research methods. The strengths and weaknesses of qualitative field research Qualitative field research as compared to...
The research found that instead of being controlled by the customary models to measuring intangibles, through modern intellectual capital coverage frameworks, a better open method is established which would advance the suitability and apply the worth of the knowledge. Qualitative field research as compared to other types of research is very effective in specificity and deepness in studying social life over time; it is very flexible as compared to other types; it is not expensive to employ in studying the social process; it provides greater validity and high experimental measurement; it provides the high degree of reliability. Qualitative field research encounters some weaknesses in its study. To start with, it does not have a suitable statistical examination; this type of research provides soft date since it is the research’s discretion to report and interpret the results hence. In addition, findings becoming subjective and subject to bias and qualitative research lacks predictability since it cannot provide an insight to the researcher of likely future occurrences. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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At first, I thought 5 of pages is too much for such a topic. But now I see it could not be done better. As the author starts you see the complexity of the question. I’ve read all at once. Terrific document

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