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Improving Business Processes - Essay Example

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In the paper “Improving Business Processes of a Hypermarket” the author discusses the business processes relative to the purchase arena of a Hypermarket. A Hypermarket is a complex unification of a number of business processes. A series of business processes come together to achieve a single goal…
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Improving Business Processes
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Download file to see previous pages The resultant is the re-designing of business processes into much more concise and comprehensive steps that are simpler and require very little or almost none manual inclusion. The current scenario discusses the business processes relative to the purchase arena of a Hypermarket. A Hypermarket is a complex unification of a number of business processes. A series of business processes come together to achieve a single goal of running the hypermarket and selling goods to its consumers. BUSINESS PROCESSES The current task at hand is to focus on the business processes that make up the purchasing tasks relative to the Hypermarket. There are a number of business processes that are concerned with the purchasing arena. Three of them are narrated mentioned as follows: 1. Order New Stock Process 2. Up-to-date Stock Items and Monitoring 3. Reporting. The above mentioned business processes would be illustrated and explained in both parts 1 and 2 with respect to conventional and online methods respectively as follows: PART 1 BUSINESS PROCESS 1: Order New Stock Process. CONVENTIONAL MANUAL METHOD (With reference to Figure 1) DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS PROCESS In the conventional business processes, the requests for stocks update is made by the stock control department. Once the stock generation request has been put forth, a list of potential stocks that need to be updated shortly is generated. The subsequent step is to mark out the potential suppliers that can be contacted for providing the required goods. Once the suppliers have been chalked out the need for the availability of the stuff is assessed by the time of its requirement. A decision is supposed to be made here. It the supply of goods is required by the purchase department urgently then the purchase order is sent manually to each supplier. However if there is no urgency in the requirements of the proposed goods then they are further assessed for the best deals available for purchase. It also assesses the availability of the most cost-effective and quality conscious suppliers. Once the choice of the preferred supplier has been made, the purchase order is now made by sending purchase order to each supplier. The order is now received at the purchase department. If the received order contains the goods then preparations are being made to deliver them. On the other hand if the processed order does not contain the required goods then arrangements need to be made to obtain the requested supplies of goods from elsewhere. Once the supplies have been achieved, their delivery is aimed at. A last check is performed before the supplier supplies the goods. This is to check if there are any outstanding payments to be made by the purchase department. If there response is a yes then those outstanding payments are added to the current bill otherwise the bill for the current transaction only is made and dispatched with the required goods to the purchase department. LIST OF BUSINESS RULES 1. Multiple suppliers may supply similar products. Therefore, it is necessary to figure out the best deals in order to minimize the cost. 2. The supplier data and related details must be updated continuously in order to keep up with the updated purchase deals and discount they offer. 3. In case of urgently needed products the order can be placed to the supplier who can provide the product at earliest.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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