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'Push Girls' review: Going forward with gusto - Essay Example

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Article 1: 'Push Girls' review: Going forward with gusto Push Girls is one of the many reality shows that will be aired on Sundance Channel, every Monday at ten. What distinguishes this show from others is that these four girls, who are the main celebrities, are handicapped…
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Push Girls review: Going forward with gusto
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Download file to see previous pages They very much believe in the fact that any disability cannot refrain a person from enjoying life and making the most out of it. These four courageous women will appear on the reality show and share their life stories as well as discuss the challenges they are facing and how. Personally, I salute the positivity and courage of these girls. Although they are spending their lives in a wheel chair yet, they are full of motivation and spark. If at any point in life, we feel low, we must look at the life of these girls and gain inspiration from them. A positive and motivated behavior is the key to success and they have proved it. The moment they got to know that they will not be able to walk on their feet, they were taken aback naturally but a positive approach towards life kept them going. Self motivation is an important concept in the context of organization behavior. We can learn how to stay motivated from these women; even though they are aware of their disability but this disability has never come as a hindering block between their dreams. Article 2: App of the Week: AudioNote Recently, a very useful tech gadget has been introduced. It is basically a voice recorder which has been classified as the best note taking application so far. In schools and colleges when the lectures are important and too long to write down, we generally make use of voice recorders. Unlike the casual voice recorders, this recorder is advanced and has a unique competitive advantage. Whenever you wanted to listen to a specific area of the lecture, you have to listen to the entire video. But then Liminant AudioNote, you just have to enter a key word and that part of the audio you are looking for, will be played. This application is compatible with Windows, Andriod, Macintosh and iOS. Change and innovation are the two of the many factors that keep the world moving. Change needs to be accepted and adapted because only change can help us reach a better state. The new app sounds really amazing and must be adapted widely by students as it is aimed at making their lives easy. At first, it will be a little challenging to use the new technology but once you get used to it, you will love it. Change is the introduction of a new idea or a concept or sometimes, the modification of a previous one. Change, as we see it, is a transition from present to future state. Naturally, the first reaction to change is resistance. Even on individual level- whenever we are exposed to change, we respond by showing reluctance. Change is natural and should be welcomed. In reality, when we are faced with change, we get disturbed because we are coping well in our comfort zone and don’t want any outside force to act. Article 3: Recall: Chuck E. Cheese glasses Kids love to wear Chuck E. Cheese glasses but recently, it has been announced that the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission. This is because two cases of accidents have been reported to the commission where kids have swallowed and stuck the little batteries in their nostrils. Although the product appears attractive to young kids, yet there is a possibility that they will break it and harm themselves with its little batteries and other harmful parts. The commission has asked the parents to return the glasses and ring either for a refund or for a prize from the company. I must appreciate this ethical move taken by the company. For an organization to be effective, it is very important to take ethical measures so that the public retains its good and positive image. If ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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