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Strategic Leadership and Management May 10, 2012 Leadership and management are relevant to the military environment. The research focuses on the leadership qualities of generals. The research focuses on the management qualities of generals. With the lives of thousands of soldiers at stake, generals should be good leaders and managers of their two major military assets, equipments and soldiers…
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Strategic Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages The tactical implementation plan is as important as the strategic plan because it takes the vision and strategy to the point of contact.” The author likens Sun Tzu’s leadership with the European strategist, Captain Johnstone, wrote mention in his 1916 research that one must fight the enemy to uncover the enemy’s weaknesses. With the initial proving attacks, the army can engineer the main decisive attack based on the outcome of the initial attack advances. The tentative attack should not be classified as a separate attack but s part and parcel of the main attack. The initial attack is classified as the beginning of the war. Sun Tzu’s attack formation can include a surprise attack on the enemy’s seemingly formidable front to learn the true shape, and strength of the enemy’s forces. With the most suitable war strategy, the battle is 50 percent won; the strategy succeeds only with professional execution of tactics Machiavelli. In terms of Machiavelli, Maurizio Viroli2 emphasized Machiavelli focused on national interest and military objects in the war implementing several war principles. ...
military resistance against absolutism.” The formidable army of Machiavelli showed strong dominance of the political as well as European military environment The strong message of the Machiavelli’s Republican patriotism is a very clear sign to re-emphasize, against the politics of the moderns, in relation to the political efforts of its leaders, also known as the politics of the ancients. Machiavellian politics shows that the word Patria is another word to mean Machiavelli republic. Machiavelli’s government is grounded on a self-governing community of individuals snugly staying together within the justice terms of the law. The Machiavelli government implements rule law, which incorporates patriotism. Clauseritz. In terms of Clauseritz, Tiha Ghyczy3 insists the conduct of war includes the important planning stage. The author states that “were this combat a single act, there would be no need for further subdivision. But combat consists of a greater or lesser number of individual acts, each complete in itself, which we call engagements, which constitute new things. This gives rise to an entirely different activity, namely, individually planning and conducting these engagements and joining them together to achieve the objective of the war.” The quote clearly shows that that it includes the important tactics in the governance of the constituents. Likewise, the tactics includes the many advantages of implementing a well engineered war and government strategy. The segregation of the government’s act to divide the planning stage into both the tactics and strategy is now quite a common- lace in occurrence. All individuals are reasonably sure where to classify a specific factor without necessarily taking considerable notice of the reasons underlying such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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