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Training Policy Table of Contents Training Policy 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Overview of the Company 5 Training & Development 6 Importance of Training 8 Training Policy for GCAS 9 Conclusion & Recommendations 12 Works Cited 13 Introduction The aspect of providing training to the employees is considered to be an endeavor for enhancing the proficiencies or even to make further additions to the subsisting extent of knowledge…
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Training Policy
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Download file to see previous pages It needs to be mentioned in this regard that the training programs or policies not only concentrate on individual development but also on the facet of organizational development which is imperative to be gauged together with individual development (Rae, L., “Effective Planning in Training and Development”). Training relates to the coaching or knowledge enhancement conducts that are carried out for the principal rationale of aiding the members of a particular organization to obtain and to implement the learning proficiencies, aptitudes and approach required by that organization in order to obtain and practice the same. To put it differently, it can be stated that training is considered to be the conduct of augmenting the understanding and competency with regard to the employees in the field of their respective tasks. The environment of business has been observed to undergo through a constant alteration which is not only intensifying the degree of competition but is also challenging the sustained existence. This is making it necessary for the organizations to adapt to the altering scenario in order to ensure its development as well as existence. Developing fresh training policies for the organizations are considered to be an effective way for them in dealing with the alterations and modifications made with regard to the business operations. Employees are considered to be vital components, who are regarded as a fundamental part for leading the organizations towards failure or accomplishments (Rae, L., “Effective Planning in Training and Development”). Every individual organization is believed to entail the engagement of competently trained as well as experienced individuals for the reason of carrying out their respective responsibilities that form a part of the regular business operations with regard to the organization. The altering business environment is making it necessary for the employees of different organizations operating in diverse sectors to cope up with the changing requirements. Therefore, training is measured to be the aspect that is known to facilitate the growth of such capable employees by enhancing and honing their respective proficiencies. In this present society that is supposed to be changing speedily, the aspect of formulating training policies is not just observed to be a conduct that is wanted but the organizations also need to assign resources in an attempt to ensure the existence of a practical and experienced workforce (Rae, L., “Effective Planning in Training and Development”). Training policies are believed to provide significant advantages that are reaped in the long run by a definite organization. The notion related to the formulation of training policies is also measured to ascertain along with enhancing the returns gained in terms of the investment made by that organization. Therefore, the factor of providing training or structuring training policies helps the organizations to a great extent in keeping hold of the most excellent resources with the purpose of garnering the best from them (Rae, L., “Effective Planning in Training and Development”). Overview of the Company The Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies (GCAS) is a company which is located in Abu Dhabi and it is identified as a centre that aims at offering excellent training ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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