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Introduction The term leadership can be defined as the quality of an individual to communicate with his group in such a way that his words are able to motivate every member of the group so that they are able to achieve the goals which they might not have believed previously to be accomplished (Kaplan, and Kaiser, 2003)…
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Principal Leadership Development
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Download file to see previous pages It is important for a leader to not only motivate others, but he needs to lead from the front so that his activities and his personality also encourage every group member to work harder (Higgins, and Duxbury, 2005). There has been a misconception that management and leadership are synonymous however it is wrong. Thus it would not be wrong to say that a manager is different from a leader in a number of ways (Goffee, and Jones, 2005). The responsibilities of a manager are different from the leader as the manager needs to deal with the complications and complexities and make sure that the strategies that have been formulated by the leader and implemented in the right manner. The other responsibilities of a manager include the activities of coordinating and staffing and last but not the least handling the everyday operations of the firm (Kellerman, 2004). For an organization, both these individuals are utterly important if were to operate optimally. Today when the world is growing at a very rapid pace, organizations need the services of both; leader as well as managers (Musselwhite, 2006). A leader is need to challenge the status quo inspire his surrounding environment to undergo the laborious process of change, and last but not the least go on to accomplish the goals which the leader has set out to accomplish through his vision (Kaplan, 2006). To complement the role played by a leader, a manager is required who could formulate a detail plan, create efficient organizational structure and oversee day-to-day operations of the organization (McCrimmon, 2010). role I would like to hold within next few years In light of the above mentioned background, I believe I have in me leadership qualities which I would like to use when given a chance by my practical life. In this regard, the position that I would like to have in the next five years is that of a technical engineer. This position should farther make way for the position of a Manager and leading a team of engineers in the following next two to three years. I would like to occupy these positions an organization that offers something related to my engineers. Right now I am employed as a Superintendent Survey however my role as a Technical engineer would entail searching for strong and profitable business models and assess their future environment and at the same time make sure that things are done in the right manner. After learning the art and science of technical knowledge and how things are done, I would make come up with a proposal for changes in how things are done for the senior advisors of the firm so that they could deliberate over my proposal. If they find my analysis as a worth pursuing opportunity, then they can pass my proposal along with their recommendations to the top management or board of the firm so that they could take the final decision. In the position of technical engineer, as mentioned above, my job would not only be to do the work or things that are assigned but come up with changes for the organization and for that I would make a proposal. This proposal needs to be as informative as it can so that the senior management and advisors can use the information contained in the proposal to conduct appropriate analysis. This proposal should contain all the information that would be used by the senior advisors to build appropriate models with regards to the future earning prospects of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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