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The Principalship: The Role in Context - Research Paper Example

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A principal plays a significant role in the day to day operations of learning institutions. The principal monitors and directs both academic and non-academic activities within the environment of a school. Furthermore, he or she implements and plans the school daily routines within the jurisdiction of education…
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The Principalship: The Role in Context
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Download file to see previous pages The principal traditionally was equated to a middle manager, with strictly defined roles and specified rules. However, with the changing age of accountability and standard based reforms, a distinct perception has resurfaced, drawing significant lessons from corporate contemporary life. This suggests that the principal as a leader should base his or her focus with great clarity on what is significant and needs to be accomplished and how it should be accomplished. The revolution has brought forth dramatic changes with regard to what is needed from the principals by educational stakeholders. As a result, today’s principals no longer operate as building managers tasked with strict adherence to rules, avoidance of mistakes, and implementing regulations. According to Kenneth et al., (2004), the principal as a leader performs such functions shaping academic success vision for all students based on high standards, establishing a hospitable environment for educational purposes of ensuring a corporative and safety spirit to prevail in a school, cultivating leadership among the subordinates for teachers and other stakeholders to assume their role in the realization of the school vision, and, lastly, improving instructions for purposes of enabling teachers to educate at their best level and for the highest quality of education. The principal as a leader can manage data, processes, and people to foster improvements in a school. Role of the Principal as an Innovator The school principal’s role is extremely diverse. As an innovator, the principle has to improve and set the school curriculum, guide the school teachers in coming up with the objectives that are best designed for the students’ achievement, identify learning opportunities that are of high quality, select assessment methods that are reliable for purposes of determining whether the school’s aims and objectives have been met. The principal is also responsible for setting the school tone, and it forms a significant part of boosting the morale of staff and how they perceive themselves as qualified educators. The principal is responsible for setting policies, allocating funds, and making essential decisions on how the school should run. The principal as an innovator forms alliances between businesses and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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