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MS Project and Critical Path Analysis (1 Day Training Program for Level 6 UG Students) - Essay Example

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This report is submitted to Big Ideas Ltd. who have hired Project Management Ltd. as their consultants to study feasibility, plan, execute and review the one day training program on ‘Project Management and MS Project and Critical Path Analysis (CPA)’ for level 6 undergraduate students of all universities. …
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MS Project and Critical Path Analysis (1 Day Training Program for Level 6 UG Students)
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Extract of sample "MS Project and Critical Path Analysis (1 Day Training Program for Level 6 UG Students)"

Download file to see previous pages The report outlines the training content and other resources as per initial requirements communicated by Mr. Smart. The program specifically focuses on using MS Project and CPA in Project Management Methodology. Project Management Ltd. (PML) has been invited to prepare the project management plan for Big Idea Ltd. The project is a one day training program on ‘project management and the use of MS Project and Critical Path Analysis (CPA)’ for level 6 undergraduate students. The project plan, including costing, marketing and controlling will need to be incorporated in the report. Big Ideas Ltd. has approached us to prepare the plan for the one day training program and requires us to be associated on it throughout the project life cycle, from doing the feasibility study to completion of the project. Although, the company has started the feasibility study for the project, it requires PML to start from this stage of the project. The project is a one day training program aimed at level 6 undergraduate students of all universities. It is intended to teach the students the importance and use of MS Project and the Critical Path Analysis (CPA) in Project Management. As students are set to enter the professional world after college, their knowledge and skills at Project Management tools and techniques would be handy in carrying out their day-to-day management and reporting activities easily. Defining project requirements Big Ideas Ltd. expects the consulting team from PML to carry out the following tasks: a. Define the team’s approach to developing the plan using the Project Life Cycle; b. Develop a scope statement; c. Outline the main themes for the training day, with a brief statement of each presentation; d. Develop a work breakdown structure and explain it; e. Include a suitable team structures for each phase of the project; f. Estimate time and cost durations of activities both before and on the day; g. Construct a Gantt chart to determine the baseline cost and duration of the project and analyse it; h. Provide a process for monitoring and controlling the project; i. Construct an outline project risk register; j. Conduct a Stakeholder Analysis of the project; and k. Provide a recommendation. Definition of project management Firstly, we define what project management is and its scope. “Project management is concerned with the overall planning and co-ordination of a project from conception to completion aimed at meeting the stated requirements and ensuring completion on time, within cost and to required quality standards. It is normally reserved for focused, non-repetitive, time-limited activities with some degree of risk and that are beyond the usual scope of operational activities for which the organization is responsible.” (Project Management (1.7 ProjectManagement.pdf), 2012). Project management includes the managing of resources, time, schedule and performance and costs of a project. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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At first, I thought 15 of pages is too much for such a topic. But now I see it could not be done better. As the author starts you see the complexity of the topic. I’ve read all at once. Terrific research

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