Critically review and reflect on the reasons why organizations are using Project Management to achieve their strategic objective - Essay Example

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Critically review and reflect on the reasons why organizations are using Project Management to achieve their strategic objectives: Introduction: In our daily life, for any activity undertaken, a proper working procedure needs to be implemented for its accomplishment…
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Critically review and reflect on the reasons why organizations are using Project Management to achieve their strategic objective
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Extract of sample "Critically review and reflect on the reasons why organizations are using Project Management to achieve their strategic objective"

Download file to see previous pages Many organizations term project management as a pre-requisite to meeting the strategic objectives. And before approaching any strategic aspect, it is being ensured that project management rules and been followed and project management structure is in place. It is commonly seen that projects often fail due to improper implementation of project management scheme (Morris & Sember, 2008). While scenarios where project management was implemented to the full, have mostly insured success. Project management is a separate discipline in itself and has a list of activities and procedures to it, along with the tools and techniques that help in making the task easy. The importance of Project management in modern times has been more than ever before and for this reason, nearly all organizations have project management scheme in place. Project management in other words is defined as all those actions, strategies, tools and techniques that lead to achieving the strategic objectives (Tonnquist, 2009). Strategic objectives on other hand are defined as those factors that impact the organization and its entities in a direct manner. These can be met through clear definition of the elements that contribute towards their accomplishment. These elements are namely, clear and focused vision about objectives, presence of communication channels, work break down structure, assigning of roles to the suitable personnel, making sufficient use of the resources; prepare a plan for the emergency situations. Focus on objectives: One of the most important factors any organization needs to take into consideration is the clear vision in terms of the goals to be achieved. Deviations are expected any time during the project and organizational activities, with help of clearly defined objectives the chances of deviations can be reduced. Before emphasizing on the need for project management, it is vital to understand and define the elements that constitute strategic objectives. Strategic objectives can be in terms of the overall productivity, budget allocation, social factors, the proper relationship establishment with the stakeholders, maintaining the communication channels, individual personnel that are of high importance to the organization, hence all those factors that have an impact on final result. Customers Aspect: Customers hold the key to the success and failure of any organization. Their response can turn an organization either way. Customer satisfaction is a universal strategic objective that is the front line desire of almost every organization. Meeting the customer demands requires proper planning. The field of project management provides ample guidance towards customer satisfaction (Kerzner & Sponholtz,pg 23, 2007). The scope of project management is very vast and it makes up for an entire discipline, it has few basic elements namely: Planning Organizing Controlling Staffing Leading Every organization needs the above mentioned elements to be in place in order to meet their strategic objectives (Weihrich & Cannice, 2010). Co-relation between planning and Organizational Effectively: A co relation can be established between the organizational functions and project management in many aspects. Planning is one of them. Organizations need planning to be in place while project management provides guidelines for achieving this planning. A famous saying goes about planning that “Failing to plan is planning to fail” (Hess, et al., pg 454,2011), under the principles of project manage ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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