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Knowledge Management Techniques - Essay Example

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Knowledge Management Techniques Customer Inserts His/ Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor's Name (04, 05, 2012) KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS INTRODUCTION This paper provides management solutions to two case studies. Information presented will identify knowledge preparedness and gaps in the organization and recommend knowledge solutions depending on the knowledge needs of the organization…
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Knowledge Management Techniques
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Download file to see previous pages Knowledge management solutions enable the company or organization implementing it to share relevant and useful information at all levels of the organization. Knowledge management reduces redundancy, creates efficiency and allows a company to utilize information for innovativeness. New recruits require minimal training and allow the company to utilize time effectively. Intellectual property can be retained after employees stop working. The two case studies are: Northbridge Model Train Shop and Food Festival. CASE STUDY I NORTHBRIDGE MODEL TRAIN SHOP (NMTR) 1. PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION 1a) Northbridge Model Train Shop intends to continue utilizing the existing network and improve the organizations knowledge base. The activities within and outside Northbridge  Model  Train  Shop affects knowledge management preparaedness; hence there is need to conduct an audit. NMTR knowledge management structure requires retructuring and development to accomaodate increasing tasks. Since the management already poses a knowledge system, the existing system can be effectively used to enhance and achive a competent managements system. A central place where all the knowledge can be accessed and controlled lacks in the oragnization. There is explicict information that can be used to further generate unambigous information for knowledge management as Bennett (1999) points out1. 1b) As a knowledge management expert, it is posible to identify knowledge management gaps that exist. NMTR has acquired knowledge over the knowledge and requires expertese to adequately use the knowledge for the correct person when required. It is necessary to intergrate tacid and explict knowledge in the organization to achive competency and adequately meet NMTR knowledge management needs. Tacid sources of the organizatoin assist in identifying the knowledge gaps that exist. Moreover, the customers needs will be considered when implimenting knowledge management system and ensure that NMTR obtains competitive advantage. 1c) Knowledge management needs in NMTR can be adressed with an aim of assisting the company realise its goals. NMTR strategy is dependent on strategy designed by the owner, Jim. For knowledge management to be sucessful, the knowledge Jim possess together with the organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths will influence the outcome. Efficiency will be achived if NMTR stategy is propertly articulated in knowledge management. NMTR will use the existing knowledge to create competitiveness. As an expert, knowledge management mapping, the role of information technology and innovation can be considered as necessary. 1. KNOWLEDGE AUDIT 2a) Knowledge gaps and blockages identify what should be done to achieve knowledge management needs. NMTR has published materials on the train inventory system and wants to develop a new knowldge management that includes the train and slot car materials. There is need standardize the available materials and categorize them to allow their effective use in the new venture in train and slot car materials. Additionaly, a system where new information is documented in a procedural way can be identified to absorb information from the new area. There is need for ontology and creation of terms within the new area. Terms that are commonly used in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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