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Organizational Behavior: Topic on the Central Requirements of International Business Management in Human Resources Professionals - Term Paper Example

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As far as the definition of “training” and “staff development” are concerned – the former focuses on imparting quality education, coaching and mentoring to address pertinent issues which could work in a significant fashion towards the fulfillment of international business management. …
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Organizational Behavior: Topic on the Central Requirements of International Business Management in Human Resources Professionals
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, “staff development” is enhancing the staff regimes and mannerisms in such a manner so as to look after their personal needs within the professional domains. It also takes into consideration the promotions, bonuses, increase in salaries over a period of time in relation with employees’ job focus (Quinn, 1998).
On the same token, training and staff development within the ranks of the international business management hold a great deal of significance as they bolster the identity of the organization in terms of their employees and raises their commitment levels, in line with the changing times as well as industrial competition which is happening at a cut throat pace. The significance is all the more pertinent within the governmental ranks as the state machinery is responsible for the international business management affairs and without them at the helm, organizations would come to a halt which is simply unacceptable (Gerber, 2000). As far as analyzing the future training needs, one must understand what exactly the organization is going through in the short term regimes. It does not mean that the long term organizational objectives are not considered. The same are taken care of yet for understanding the pertinent training needs, the future could be put on hold for a period of time. The future training needs could be ascertained from the feedback that is received from the employees as well as the top management who considers the same to be imparted on towards the respective employees in a timely manner (Sims, 2002). The resources for these training needs have to be brought into play as well so that a complete mesh of these activities could be had within the related scheme of organizational domains. When one concerns his own self with an office setting, there would be a few instances when it is best to choose different people for the various jobs that are assigned in the working environment. This holds true for the rationale that a single person cannot and will not be able to do his work as well as the additional burden that is thrust upon him with zeal and enthusiasm. Hence one should believe that the need of the hour is to understand that employees and workers need a manager to comprehend their shortcomings in the field of work and thus be assigned tasks and responsibilities in line with the same. The need for recruiting able and established staff is very much there since every organization or company for that matter wants to achieve efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to getting the things done in a quick manner (Cooper, 2004). Knowledge base within any organization is equally significant. The management aspect of the organization stems from the fact that its knowledge base is intact and knows what is required of it. This knowledge base has the role of continuously improving the systems and working methodologies. It also has the best available middle management employees who know the technical basis of running the organization and whose potential can largely benefit the sound workings of the company. Thus it is very important to understand that an organization which is willing to place the knowledge base at level with the top management when it comes to calling the shots (taking the decisions), is willing to experiment in a very proactive manner; one ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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