Discuss Competitive Strategies Coca Cola Should Adopt to Develop Business Expansion in China - Essay Example

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The aim of this research is to obtain the competitive strategies that Coca-Cola should adopt to develop its business expansion in China and to recommend suggestions on the competitive strategies that the company may follow to expand its business. …
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Discuss Competitive Strategies Coca Cola Should Adopt to Develop Business Expansion in China
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Download file to see previous pages the Study: Globalization and the increasing competition in the current business world reflect the growth and development of different businesses and their expansion across different countries. The beverage industry is one of the largest industries in the world. The Coca-Cola Company being one of the leading companies in the world’s beverage industry (www.rediff.com), a research on their business strategies would help in an understanding of how leading companies create and maintain their position in their own countries as well as in other countries through expansions. With 126 years in business, the Coca-Cola Company currently has 142,200 worldwide employees, over 3,500 brands, 49 consecutive years in increased dividends and over 200 countries where their beverages sell (www.thecoca-colacompany.com). The company first entered China in the 1920’s with the first bottling plant established in Shanghai, 1927. It soon expanded its bottling operations to Tianjin, 1927 and then Qingdao, 1930. In 1949, the company closed operations in China when the socialist regime rose. Since its reentry in 1979, The Coca-Cola Company has seen tremendous growth, where over the last quarter century, brands of The Coca-Cola Company have become major household names in China. It recently opened its 42nd bottling plant in the country to help further the company’s dominance in the beverage industry within the country (www.thecoca-colacompany.com). China’s beverage industry reflects a huge market, particularly for large companies like the Coca-Cola Company. The company strongly has its operations in China but the growing competitions and other internal and external factors may affect the successful expansion plans of the company (Zhang & Alon, 2011, p.287). The rationale of the study is...
The rationale of the study is based on learning and understanding the competitive business strategies of a leading beverage company that may benefit the expansion of the company in the China market. In the modern world of increased globalization, there is a need to learn the theories and concepts followed by large companies. This is to have a view on the strategies necessary to keep up a position of a company in the industry among its competitor companies. This study would focus on the Coca-Cola Company that already has its operations in the China market and would look for further expansions to which the company has the requirement of innovative and competitive strategies that would keep its position above its competitors. The results of this study would prove indispensible to business development managers and the business development team endowed with the responsibility of identifying expansion opportunities. The study would also help other companies who require strategies to expand business elsewhere. The researcher will gain knowledge in formulation of competitive strategies that can be applied in future endeavors. Hence, this study is rational in the context that the competitive business strategies of one of the leading companies could be learnt and the research would enable other companies to use such strategies in creating their competitive advantages while expanding their businesses. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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