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AUTHENTIC JOURNEY REPORT Institutions name: Executive Summary The report provides a brief synopsis of my authentic journey. It demonstrates how I developed the traits required for one to be branded an authentic leader…
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Authentic Journey Report
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Download file to see previous pages The core objective of the report is to present an analysis of my authentic leadership journey from my early childhood to date. The report illustrates on how a good number of leaders fall short in performance in their leadership position. The report also talks about how I developed the basic authentic leader qualities. The research included in this report demonstrated the important of value, self awareness, and motivations as the main models relevant for an authentic leader. The report has also analyzed some of the prevailing leadership theory. Those included in the report are the authentic leader theory and the charismatic leader theory. It has presented some critics in the discussed leadership theory. The report has concluded by analyzing my achievement as an authentic leader. In this section, the report has illustrated on the achievement I have acquired so far as an authentic leader. It has also talked about the shortcomings in my position as an authentic leader. Recommendation of the areas which requires improvement is addressed in the recommendation section. The report has suggested five main means of improving my characteristic as authentic leaders. The five main methods include; demonstration of leadership sight, demonstration of leadership initiative, important of leaders impacts to the subjects, and the need for leadership integrity. Introduction Background Over a few decades ago, there has emerged a new theory in management studies. The theory is labeled authentic leadership. Various authors claim that the principal components of authentic leadership are such as moral perspective, self-awareness and relational transparency. Self-certainty and self-knowledge are significant ingredients to the success of an authentic leader (Shamir and Eilam, 2005). The two attributes improves an individual communication skills which are essential components to an authentic leader. In addition to that, it has been contended that leaders who are authentic are always true to themselves and act according to their beliefs for purposes of achieving a common good (Levy & Bentley 2007). However, the above definition fails to acknowledge the fact that, just like authenticity, truth is a concept that is contestable. Thus, it is important to acknowledge what authentic leadership really means. Authentic leadership is founded on the belief that a confident and resolute stance in an individual action and speech is a crucial indicator of a powerful (strong) leadership. On the contrary, theories revolving around leadership such as self are never recognized as neutral. This is because they are often experienced within the systems of authority. Therefore, authentic leadership is perceived to be an example of a privileged discourse that has its roots from a self-worth belief that is intrinsic in nature. For instance, in the western societies, a variety of leadership are more acknowledged than others. In that case, an individual that is self made is conceived as the epitome of the mighty and successful leader. It is often common to read about a person who had the capability to succeed through absolute wheel power. Nevertheless, each and every single individual needs moral support or motivation from others for purposes of achieving his or her goals. In addition to that, the success of a leader is always weighed depending on how well he or she has attained corporate goals (Arendt 1958). However, since actions are unpredictable in nature, an individual cannot have the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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