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Managerial Effectiveness and Its Impact on Organization - Research Paper Example

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This research focuses on studying the managers and their respective qualities working in the hotel and the real estate industry in order to observe, analyze and formulate recommendations in relevance with the most viable and suitable style of managing organizational concerns…
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Managerial Effectiveness and Its Impact on Organization
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Download file to see previous pages Managers pursuing their professions in hotels and other related hospitality industries are confronted with challenges that pose obstacles in successful operations in the rapidly changing present-day highly competitive environment. For instance, the need to cope with labor cost issues and any trend that has a significant impact on labor expenses should be addressed by managers from the hospitality industry (Wang and Wang, 2009). Another important part of their duties is to decide about increases on minimum wage keeping in consideration its impact on employees’ behavior. Multicultural issues are also significant nowadays and are demonstrated through a culturally diverse workforce. Franchises of hotels and the globalization of businesses have become a common trend; this requires that managers are aware of cross-cultural management to avoid conflict and reinforce productivity and performance among employees of different cultural backgrounds. Other issues including, the problem of labor shortage and retaining competent professionals have become a global difficulty. Issues in the field of cost reduction, marketing issues and technological issues are posing complex challenges to managers working in this industry.
Owing to its complex nature, the concept of managerial effectiveness has been characterized in different ways by various scholars and researchers (Bao, 2009). In the past, studies such as that of Reddin (1974) described managerial effectiveness as the ability of managers to achieve the necessary results or output requirements of their managerial positions. According to Kirchoff (1977), managerial effectiveness is manifested in the accomplishment of multiple goals rather than the optimization of a single one. Managerial effectiveness pertains to the relationship between the manager’s achievement or performance and the organizational aims/objectives, or what he/she is expected to do when given such position. The qualities, character strengths, and intrinsic capabilities of individuals have also been regarded by Boyatzis (1982) as fundamental components of managerial effectiveness, while Drucker (1988) asserted that such effect is the main factor that contributes to organizational success. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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