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Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management - Essay Example

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Organization Behavior And Human Resource Management [University] [Instructor Name] ABSTRACT The paper talks about how proper recruitment and selection of the employees can help the organization gain a competitive advantage over the other firms in the same industry…
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Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management
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Download file to see previous pages Employee engagement can also be increased through rewarding them accordingly. When they reward their employees, employees feel motivated to work and put in their best efforts. HR is now not only responsible for hiring and firing and compensating the employees, but it also plays an active part in the employee development and trains them after conducting the training need analysis. HR also now conducts training evaluation so as to ensure that the training has proved to be effective or not. A: Resourcing an Organisation “Does knowledge of HRM help small and medium sized enterprises (SME) ensure they recruit and select employees who can contribute to maximizing the competitive performance of a business?” Today, the technological edge that the companies earlier used to have over each other in terms of the technology employed is now a thing of past. It is next to impossible now for the companies to try to gain advantage over their competitors by simply innovating. Yes, we cannot deny the fact that innovation is the key to better profits but hiring the right kind of employee is very important. Today firms are looking to create better profits by hiring an efficient and effective workforce. An efficient and effective workforce helps the firms realize better profits and better position in the markets if they have the right kind of employees. Earlier there was a trend in which the organizations hired employees that they felt fit the organization, but now the current trend in hiring, is to hire the person who is fit for the job, and possesses the core competencies that are required for the job. If the company has a proper knowledge about the hiring strategies and methods that the company can save a lot of costs by hiring the right people the first time the hiring starts. If a company fails to realize their real requirements and simply by gaining the bird’s eye view of the job they hire someone, the person will not necessarily be able to perform tasks according the job description and will surely fail to produce the desired results. When this happens, then the company will go on look for another employee that can fit the organization. Hiring is the process that costs companies a lot, and a small business is already running on small profit margins, but if they have to spend on hiring again and again then they will end up having a negative cash flow. Having the right kind of people who fit the ideology of the company and have the right skills and competencies are really important as they will help the company gain profits. Another problem that is faced by organizations generally is that they hire on the basis of skills alone. A candidate must possess the soft skills as well as the technical skills to survive in the organization and work the right way. Companies’ whether the small businesses or the large ones are looking to hire people who are have the social fit for their organizations as firms are looking to create edge over each other through the human workforce that they have. If the firm possesses the knowledge about HR, then they can motivate their workforce in the right way. A motivated workforce helps to create results. The small business already possesses a very small workforce, and if that workforce is a de- motivated one then there are chances that the organization will not be able to achieve their targets. It is a general consideration that if a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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