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The Adoption of Integration of Information and Communication Technologies by Sainsburys - Essay Example

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The paper broadly aims towards a particular company i.e. Sainsbury’s regarding its execution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) when conducting business operations. Sainsbury’s intends to execute the application of Self-Service Checkouts for the purpose of enhancing. …
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The Adoption of Integration of Information and Communication Technologies by Sainsburys
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Extract of sample "The Adoption of Integration of Information and Communication Technologies by Sainsburys"

Download file to see previous pages Notably, the various reasons for executing the ICT by the business organisations include diminishing the transaction costs and ultimately raise the productivity and delivers instant connectivity which thereby improves the accuracy and transparency of the business organisations. Furthermore, the other valuable reasons also include enlarging the geographical scope of the potential markets for the business organisations, adequately accessing different products and commodities and ultimately raising the profitability of the business organisations (Picot & et. al., 2008). In this paper, the business organisation, i.e. Sainsbury’s, has been taken into concern. The main objective of this paper is to discuss regarding the self-service checkout which has been implemented by Sainsbury’s. The main reason behind this phenomenon has been related to attaining competitive advantage and it might also have been the case that they must have evaluated the previous processes and re-created it in order to attain success for the organisation. In addition, adequate execution of ICT that enhances the shopping process of Sainsbury’s and few concluding lines will also be portrayed in the discussion. The Chosen Organisation Sainsbury’s is regarded as one of the oldest retailers which was founded in London as its home city, in the year 1869. It is recognised as the third largest chain of supermarket prevailing in United Kingdom. Currently, it acquires a considerable market share of 16.5% in the global retail market. The company delivers broad variety of quality food commodities. In this regard, the vision of Sainsbury is to promote healthy consumptions along with...
This essay stresses that the practical application of ICT has been apparently increasing in the current day phenomenon. It has also been recognised that most of the business organisations execute different types of technological equipments ensuring that those might raise as well as enhance the competitive position of the company in the long term. Similarly, in this context, Sainsbury’s which is one of the oldest and foremost retailing companies prevailing in the UK tends to execute ICTs such as self-serviced counters while operating the business functions.
This paper makes a conclusion that the adequate implementation of the above discussed ICTs eventually raised the competitive advantage along with greater improvement in the business process of Sainsbury’s. Moreover, an innovative conception in relation to ICT has been prescribed for Sainsbury’s that would considerably enhance its business processes along with attaining competitive benefit over its competitors. Thus, it can be stated that Sainsbury’s can attain superior position in this competitive world along with sustaining its productivity through the execution of different types of ICT equipments to a significant extent. The company i.e. Sainsbury’s might enhance its working efficiencies through the application of improved self-service checkouts involving innovative technological equipments that ultimately would accelerate the efficiencies of the business procedural functions by a considerable level. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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