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Efficiency and Effectiveness in Food and/or The Clothing Retail Sector - Research Proposal Example

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This research proposal describes efficiency and effectiveness in food (supermarkets) and/or the clothing retail sector. This paper outlines strategic business units, the optimization of profits is the ultimate business objective, developments in communication technology, customer relations, reducing inventory level, and reducing purchase costs…
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Efficiency and Effectiveness in Food and/or The Clothing Retail Sector
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Extract of sample "Efficiency and Effectiveness in Food and/or The Clothing Retail Sector"

Download file to see previous pages A major part of the total cost requirement in retailing business is related to the supply chain. Through the application of e-logistics, firms are able to reduce the cost relating to the procurement of resources, delivery of products, distribution, management cost etc.
Supply chain management not only envisages internet business transactions but also encompasses all-round efficiencies at all levels. Supply Chain means all inter-linked resources and activities needed to create and deliver products and services to customers. Quick response and just-in-time inventory can be effectively implemented in the supply chain system through the application of e-logistics. Efficient communication resulting from the application of e-logistics facilitates to reduce the operating cost at the minimum level. In the B2C e-commerce, the accessing of information becomes wide and suppliers can be effectively managed.
Critical appraisal and evaluation of the importance of E-supply chain management strategies should be capable of identifying its importance in the business sector. The discussion is focused on how business organizations in the food and retail clothing sector, develop and apply e-logistics in their business functions and its effectiveness in attaining the operational performance improvement and cost reduction objectives. The literature review will cover e-applications in general and e-fulfillment, e-procurement, re-distribution, e-transport, and e-logistics in particular.
The e-applications have a greater role in effective and efficient business operations. In the fields of procurement, sales, information exchange, warehouse management, etc. e- applications can be effectively applied. It helps to increase the flexibility and reducing the overall value chain in the supply chain process. In the field of production planning, lead time requirements can be greatly reduced through applying technology. It will provide a better image for the business in the market as the company is ready to accept the changes in the market for sustaining customer satisfaction.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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