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Individual assignment---report - Essay Example

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Individual Assignment-Report Abstract In the modern times the companies are focusing upon the implementation of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) so that they are capable of improving the operations and processes within the organisational context…
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Individual assignment---report
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Download file to see previous pages The paper suggests use of trained technicians and enhancement in the quality of the products in order to increase the revenue of the company and to stimulate its acquired market share. Table of Contents Abstract 2 1.0.Introduction 4 2.0.Implementation of ICT in River Island 4 3.0.Issues at River Island 5 4.0.Literature Review on ICT 6 5.0.Utilisation of ICT to Solve the Matter 7 6.0.Conclusion 9 References 10 1.0. Introduction Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is universally identified as one of the most significant tools that are utilised for the purpose of social alterations as well as national development (Ministry of Human Resource Department, n.d.). In the current day phenomenon, ICT along with the internet are altering the human activities that have been dependent upon the information. It offers the individuals as well as the communities with an opportunity to be not only consumers of the goods and services, but also acts as active generators of the information. It is by means of media convergence that it becomes easier for ICTs to develop and coordinate the capacities of other Medias (FAO, 2000). ICTs are normally related with the issues of data processing as well as information management by means of large scale information systems. It is worth noting that it is not only the information technology itself which is a significant factor for the quality of work; rather, it can be regarded as the strategy that the company adopts so as to coordinate the aspect of technology with the changing requirements of the organisation (FAO, 2000). The company that has been chosen for the study is River Island. River Island is based in London and was initiated in the year 1948. The founders of the company were Andrew Hunt and Bernard Lewis. The company has more than 60 years of experience in fashion retailing and is considered as one of the successful companies in British High Street (River Island Style Insiders, n.d.). 2.0. Implementation of ICT in River Island Information and Communication Technology facilitates in the smooth operations of the organisation and thus assists in many other ways such as stock control, keeping extra records, advancing the communication process, production as well as marketing. Through ICTs it is gradually becoming easier for the company to reduce its costs significantly (Business Studies Online, n.d.). It is to be mentioned that River Island also makes use of the ICT’s in order to improve its operation in an effective manner. River Island has worked with consultancy named Royal National Institute of Blind People Web Access Consultancy so that its new website offers high degree of accessibility ensuring that as far as possible it is reachable to all the users. It is worth mentioning that online shopping is a type of ICT used by the company for making its goods available to the consumers online. The company’s online services assist the consumers in purchasing clothes, shoes as well as accessories. Notably, River Island provides a wide on-line range of women’s as well as men’s fashion related clothing’s to the customers (River Island, 2012). The leading fashion retailer, River Island, demonstrated its plans to initiate stores that are mainly dedicated to accessories as well as shoes. It was noted that the company decided to bring certain alterations in its business’s in-store design policies and introduce numerous interactive technologies that can be utilised by the customers. It further planned to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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