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E-Manufacturing - Literature review Example

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To manufacture simply means to produce. To produce is to work up to from something. To work up brings an invention, which is another definition for manufacturing. Manufacturing is usually related to production or generation at large scale. The thing manufactured is the product…
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Extract of sample "E-Manufacturing"

Download file to see previous pages According to Merriam-Webster dictionary manufacturing is defined as ‘to make into a product suitable for use’. These few lines were presented to enter our esteem topic of ‘e-manufacturing’ and make you ready for the up-coming category of manufacturing described below. Introduction to E-manufacturing In the previous days when the internet was not available at every doorstep, the manufacturing plant floor was isolated from the rest of the industry, organization and enterprise operated on its own without the company and shareholders being aware of its working as they had no eye on it. Today with the introduction of e-manufacturing services, plant line or the bottom line performance is the place where corporate and analysts are more interested. The input or output of a company and its return on net assets are the criteria for the share market to evaluate an organization’s performance and the plant floor influences all directly. Before being entitled as a successful organization not only the company’s growing sales are analyzed but the well-organized working of all plant parts is also necessary. With the introduction of e-working and share computing and with the removal of all non value added activities a company can operate more efficiently and increase its growth by fast and concise working. (HERMAN, E. S., & CHOMSKY, N.1988) The heart of any e-manufacturing lies in the clearness for interaction of information, trade and data between the consumer and the manufacturing suppliers. To devise an e-manufacturing strategy, we need to work through processes defined in e-businesses such as in order reliable maintenance and making rules and regulations for executing plant systems. According to an AMR research e-manufacturing strategy merges e-business and manufacturing plans to construct the roadmap to development of system and accomplishment in the plant. Talking about the definition of e-manufacturing, it ranges from B2B,B2C, industrial network connected by ether wires, IPs, XML, UDP, Transmission control protocol, cooperative manufacturing, WLANs, proxy servers and embedded web portals and finally to SCM(supply chain management). E-manufacturing is the merger of two lines: the horizontal one being the business line while the other vertical one being the supply-chain management and integration of systems which ensure the transparency of dissected information and business relevant data throughout the precious business chain. E-manufacturing makes use of the internet to guarantee real time processing of transparent information to be available at all times in an organizational setup. In any company the manufacturing plant is the core of all productions. According to the supply-chain models put forth by the experts, the intermediate connection of plant to the enterprise is very important and its transparency and timing have a lot to do with the company. All operations conducted at the plant are now reviewed for working out strategies to save time. To meet the increasing consumer demands, many companies are trying to bring maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) category under one umbrella for better performance. Today information plays a vital role for any company; therefore the accuracy of information is vital to take right decisions. A plant is the initial point of a system. If the plant floor is data based and online, it has the power to control manufacturing machinery, productivity, product design and delivery. Today with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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