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Resistor manufacture and optimization - Book Report/Review Example

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Carbon resistors were the first categories of resistors and used regularly due to the thermal performance of the resistor. Compared to the Wire…
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Resistor manufacture and optimization
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Extract of sample "Resistor manufacture and optimization"

Download file to see previous pages Passive components are components with the inability to amplify or increase voltages, signals or currents but with the potential to reduce the voltage, currents and wave. Although a passive component, resistors are essential in any electric circuit.
Resistors are the readily used electric components present in the market. Though common, their role vary depending on the circuitry with the main reason for use is to provide resistance to current, at times used to regulate resistance such as the use of variable resistance. They are necessary for the creation of several appliances. The oldest types of resistor are the carbon resistor.
Carbon resistors are the common, and the oldest type of resistors by composition type resistor. They are readily available, cheap and used in general purpose circuits. The resistor is composed of a mixture of finely ground carbon dust or graphite and a non conducting ceramic powder to bind it together. It is the oldest design. The resistance value is determined by the amount of carbon inserted in the filler. The resistors in this order do not have close tolerance compared to carbon or metal film types. Typical tolerances of the resistors are +/- 10% or20%. The advantage of the resistor type is the ability to work in high voltage pulses compared to all the other types of resistors (Wilson and Williams, 2011).
The manufacturing procedure of the resistor is similar to metal film resistor. The change being, the tolerance of carbon film resistor is higher at +/-5%. Small resistors from this category are reasonable and often sold in batches.
The resistor in this category is a combination of small rods of ceramics coated with metal or metal oxides such as nickel alloy or Tin oxide. The resistance value is obtained from the thickness of the coating layer. The greater the coating covering the lower the resistance value and vice versa. The metal film resistors come in a variety and with a wide range of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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