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Biogenta plc and Outback Inc - Essay Example

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The aim of this report is to carry out a comparative analysis of two organizations on how they differ in the way they are operated and managed. The researcher states that the success or failure of an organization depends on how an organization is managed…
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Biogenta plc and Outback Inc
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Download file to see previous pages onalities are calm, relaxed and secure; agreeable individuals are cooperative, tolerant, trusting; conscientiousness persons are dependable, responsible, achievers while openness includes intelligence and creativity among others. The management can thus assess individuals and classify them based on these traits and offer them varied experiences to elicit productivity and good performance. For example, conscientious individuals can be given leadership roles since they are responsible and dependable while those who portray openness can be entrusted with projects due to their creativity. The problem with trait theories is that they are unable to explain individual differences in personality. Another problem is that an individual may not behave in a similar manner in a different situation thus personality assessment during recruitment or selection based on traits may be unreliable. The person may not be able to produce results when placed in a different situation hence the theory is not a good predictor of behaviour (Ewen, 2003). The behavioural theorists emphasize the interaction of individuals and the environment. Theorists like Skinner and Watson believe behaviour is learnt through operant and classical conditioning (Ewen, 2003).The stimulus in the environment forces individuals to act in certain ways and behaviour is reinforced through rewards or discouraged through punishment. They believe that people are born empty and gain personality through a processes of association (Engler, 2009). The management can thus change people’s personality by providing them with a proper working environment and by reinforcing behaviour through reward system. The management has to decide the kind of behaviour required in the organization and reinforce it. The psychoanalytic theory by...
This research is the best example of comparison of Biogenta plc and Outback Inc. Biogenta plc is a multinational company with manufacturing facilities in over 10 countries and a span of 15, 000 employees in over 80 countries. It is a world leading business dealing with crop protection products such as herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Its mission is to be the most trusted provider of crop-protection products in the world and has a set of values embedded in its culture to foster performance. It encourages diversity and corporate social responsibility and has innovation as its strength. Outback Inc on the other hand, is a family managed organization operating in Sydney, Australia. It is an adventure based tour company established in 1990s and has grown from a small size to moderately sized company offering a variety of services such as guided tours, accommodation and meals. The company has no clear vision or strategy to guide its actions and depends on Japanese clients. A lot of problems such as declining profits, high turnover and loss of clients are being experienced in the company due to poor management and organizational culture. Both organizations operate in a turbulent environment but Biogenta operates in several countries hence it may be affected more by diverse cultures. Outback has also to deal with individuals from different cultural backgrounds in its service provision but mostly deals with Japanese nationals and does not have to deal with complex management issues associated with international human resource management. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Biogenta plc and Outback Inc" is quite often seen among the tasks in college. Still, this essay opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the idea for my own sample.

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