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Motivating Employees in Fast Food Industry - Dissertation Example

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The researcher of this following essay will make an earnest attempt to explore what are the barriers in motivating employees working in fast food industry in UK and to recommend strategies which may improve the level of motivation among employees…
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Motivating Employees in Fast Food Industry
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that like all the business entities, managing and motivating employees in a fast food business or organization is of high importance. Those fast food organizations, which are properly managed are normally expected to take into consideration the human resource capital first rather than concentrating on the financial aspects of the business. In accordance with these views, it is required from the fast food organizations to help maintain an ambience at the workplace which not only results in an improved cooperation and commitment among the employees aimed at achieving the organizational goals and objectives but also helps in improving their motivation level. The fact that motivated employees are better performers is a widely recognized belief and this is often associated with higher levels of production and retention in relation to employees working in an organization. In addition to this, employees with high levels of motivation in an organizational frame of reference are more inclined towards improving and increasing the productivity levels together with the efficiency, as compared to those who are either not motivated to do so or less motivated than the former. The research problem is important since there is a lack of research work carried out in the context of exploring motivation among employees working in fast food industry in the UK and also the research problem undertakes the issue of identifying strategies which may prove helpful in improving the existing level of motivation among employees and result in a better overall organizational performance. Since there are a large number of restaurants serving fast food in the UK, the addressing of this research problem is therefore considered relevant and pertinent as it will focus on the issues related to an industry which forms a formidable part in the consumer market in the UK. Research Aim As per the problem statement, the proposed aim for the study is the identification of factors, which hamper motivation among employees and those factors, which are regarded by them as motivating factors. In addition to this, the researcher aims at identifying specific strategies on the basis of findings related to above-mentioned areas. Research Questions On the basis of the research objectives identified above, the proposed research work will answer the following research questions: 1. What are the factors perceived by employees in fast food industry, which are considered as barriers in improving their motivation? 2. Are the employees motivated by improvement in workplace environment? 3. Are there any other factors which employees regard as helpful in motivating them? 4. What are the strategies for motivating employees working in fast food industry in the UK? Research Ethics In order to carry out the proposed research work, the researcher intends to fully adhere to the ethical considerations considered necessary for the conduct of a study involving usage of information or data, which may be regarded as private, confidential or involving rights of third parties. For this reason, the researcher will consider obtaining written consent from the organisations, which will be selected to be studied. As per the aim of the proposed study and the methodology adopted, which is discussed in the later parts of this proposal, the researcher will approach the employees of the selected organisations and obtain their views about the level of motivation with which they are working in their respective organisations. To this effect, it is ethically required that the researcher obtains consent from the concerned individuals in the organisations selected ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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