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This study presents project management of Nokia life tools. Based in Finland, Nokia once held a prominent share of the Western telecommunications market, but has since experienced a significant loss of market share through competitors such as Apple’s iPhone OS and Google’s Android platform…
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Project Management: Nokia Life Tools
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that project management constitutes a broad ranging organizational approach to product design, innovation, or internal change. Within this context of understanding there are a number formal tenants that have outlined process elements. Locke notes that among the major principles of project management are to, “plan, coordinate and control the complex and diverse activities of modern industrial, commercial and management change and IT projects.” The specific project management operation is the development of a telephone app for individuals living in the developing world. The organization implementing this project is telecommunications software and handset -developer Nokia. In terms of the specific project management stages the project incorporates both convention and non-conventional elements. In terms of conventional elements, the project task has been identified – the creation of a telephone application that specifically meets the needs of agrarian workers in the developing world. Another conventional project management element adhered to is the estimation of project costs. Project costs are a central component of this project both in terms of the development costs, as well as ensuring that the telephone application is cost effective to the end consumer. In these regards, project costs have been considered in a holistic fashion in the sense that maintaining efficient and tight budgetary constraints is essential to the creation of a cost-efficient project. In terms of elements slightly unconventional to traditional project management, perhaps the most notable will be qualitative field research conducted by members of the Nokia team. While this process will be elaborated later, in short this field research will form the crux of project design inputs. In terms of process elements, the qualitative field researchers will collaborate in-house with information technology engineers in an attempt to combine the desires of the interview subjects with the reality of engineering. This collaboration will occur in a dynamic iteration process, requiring multiple trips to the developing regions. 2. Based in Finland, Nokia once held a prominent share of the Western telecommunications market, but has since experienced a significant loss of market share through competitors such as Apple’s iPhone OS and Google’s Android platform. It follows that from an overarching context Nokia’s entrance in the developing world market functions as a means of establishing market share in a largely untapped region. Apple iPhone OS is largely cost prohibitive and Google’s Android platform has yet to adequately capture the market. There is also considerable need for such production innovation. Imagine living in a region where you only had limited access to the Internet. Today, for the vast majority of individuals living in rural areas, the arrival the Nokia Life Tools app would allow people in developing regions to take control of their lives, close the communication gap, and above all claim a share of their country’s economy. The individuals living in these regions lack regular access to the Internet and as a result are often taken advantage of when they go to sell their goods in the market. They also lack adequate access to technology for language learning or even entertainment. The Nokia Life Tools app functions to implement SMS text messaging to provide these individuals with up-to-date crop information, language learning tools, as well as entertainment options through games. In terms of success and failure criteria Lock (2007) indicates that one of the primary determinants is the extent that the project is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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