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Understanding of relational and interpretive perspective - Essay Example

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The study was dedicated to the introduction of concept and language to the larger scope of managing change. The purpose of the study was therefore to outline the importance of language in everyday life. Particularly outstanding was the role of language in leadership and by extension, management. …
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Understanding of relational and interpretive perspective
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Download file to see previous pages In this research language was identified as having several components including words and action. This was an important indication to refute the general misconception that language and communication are all about speech word and for that matter words. In fact, the seminar was an important avenue for realising the role that actions play in communication. Action was identified to be useful in forms of language such as non-verbal communication including gestures. Another core area of the seminar was that actions in language come with a number of relations. This opened the door to relating language to relational and interpretive perspective. This is because once the relations are made in the course of language, listeners and on-lookers make interpretations of the language that is put across to them. Two major theories were introduced by Gergen. These were centripetal and centrifugal power. It was realised that the effect of this power cause a lot of leaders of the world to resist change. Further discussions on the chapter and seminar have been done below. Discourse and analysis are coherent phenomenon. This is to say that discourse comes with analysis. Even in cases where discourse is soliloquy, it is very much likely to contain some level of analysis because the singular speaker may want to have some meaning out of what he or she says to him or her self. Ankati explains that even though there may be many definitions of discourse, “One thing they all agree on is that the analyst's first focus must be on language, and what it does in the world.” This means that the focus of discourse is on language. Norquist (2012) gives a linguistic definition to discourse, explaining it as “a unit of language longer than a single sentence.” This means that discourse entails the delivery of a series of sentences to put across a core message discourse of sadam hussein Discourse is an inevitable phenomenon in leadership at all levels. Corporate managers, parents and political leaders all use discourse to achieve various purposes. It is for the reason that people use discourse very often that there is the term, discourse practice. This discourse practice may be either through words or action. Among leaders of this world whose discourse practice are commonly analysed and discussed is Saddam Hussein. Very outstanding among the discussion of the discourse of Saddam Hussein is the political discourse he used over his people as the President of Iraq. From a very broad perspective, Bengio (2002) describes Saddam’s political discourse as one that is filled with propaganda. This, according to the writer created a phenomenon known as “Saddam enigma”. Like in the case of Saddam, Bengio (2002) notes that “under any regime, political culture is built on public discourse.” This means that the kind of political discourse that a ruler puts across has the power of creating an identical political culture. This political culture could be linked to the relation that people build towards the political regime in question. This therefore means that both relational and interpretive perspectives are represented in political discours ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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