The implementation of a statistical process control to ensure total quality management and identify solutions to satysfying customer needs and reduce waste in the company - Essay Example

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The purpose of this study is to analyse, identify, and recommend suitable suggestions that can be used by the company to reduce waste at every level of the company, satisfy customer needs more effectively, improve product quality, productivity and streamline process. …
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The implementation of a statistical process control to ensure total quality management and identify solutions to satysfying customer needs and reduce waste in the company
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Extract of sample "The implementation of a statistical process control to ensure total quality management and identify solutions to satysfying customer needs and reduce waste in the company"

Download file to see previous pages This is inherently present in the method of data collection that was put in place while conducting the primary analysis. In this case, the data that has been put forward in the report was collected by analyzing the colour defects in a random sample of 200 units and the height variance of dolls for a period of 30 days. For accuracy, charts and table were designed and analyzed. We used an Np-chart to plot data on the colour defects and a histogram for the height difference of the dolls as the appropriate Statistical Process Control charts to monitor the data. The Np-chart was used because the data on colour defects was prepared as counted time attribute data with a constant sample size. The following charts prepared in MS-excel show the findings of the report in details. Chart 1.0 Np-chart for the number of defective dolls The Np-chart shows how the process, measured by the number of nonconforming items such as the dolls it produces, changes over time. Chart 2.0 Histogram for the height measurements of the dolls The histogram was a suitable choice because the data collected in the 30 days was a measured time variable data with columns of decimals. Discussion and Recommendation The results indicate that there is a problem in the company. More specifically, the problem is traceable to the production part of the company. Consequently, the managerial team of the company should act fast in implementation of effective measures some of which we have discussed in the recommendations provided. There is a high number of customer dissatisfaction due to inconsistent and non-uniform manufacturing. It is evident, from both the report as well as the data collected too, that for every 200units sampled at...
This study looks into Tom pulling Toys Company, a well-respected major global manufacturer of educational toys for children. The company plans to expand its profit margin and crave towards becoming a market leader. However, with the current competition from China, the company is in the race towards changing its strategies to counter the completion and remain profitable. With such demands to find the ideal changes, a Statistical Process Control method has been put in place to solve this issue. This report gives the overview of the progress of the Processes control in detail. After investigating the variation in the height of dolls and the different colour schemes in the dolls sampled, it was found that the dolls are suitable for the market but fail to meet Total Quality Management that is in line with the company requirements. This results from production of dolls that are not within a competitive scope of the market and provides a leeway for companies in China to provide threatening competition to the sale of dolls and possibly other products which are also part of the products that the company produces. In any market, it is imperative to stay ahead of the competition in order to remain relevant and improve competitive edge. It is important to consider long term benefits to the company when designing and manufacturing given the quality of the products will be ultimately determined by the customers. Apart from handling the individual faults in the height and colouring of the dolls, the product quality needs to be defined with measurable and appealing characteristics that can win buyers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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