The difference between leadership and management techniques and their influences on the organizational structure - Essay Example

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This paper aims to discuss the difference between leadership and management techniques and their influences on the organizational structure. Understanding the vital role and significant importance of leadership and management is a key to achieve organizational mission…
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The difference between leadership and management techniques and their influences on the organizational structure
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Download file to see previous pages This study looks into leadership and management that both are needed to maintain all business processes successfully. The basic difference between management and leadership is that of notions they possess about the strategic tools and effectiveness of the proposed methods. The difference between their perceptions observed by the research includes viewpoints about changes in the organization such as; managers believe change would bring various challenges and threats for the company. However, leaders think that change provides an opportunity to the professionals to avail competitive advantage. At other side, when it comes to handle the change managers attempt to deal with it through strategic plans, but leaders aim to address such issues, through mind. Other differences between their approaches include managers` methodology of utilizing power through balanced activities. Managers, intend to understand and consider all aspects of the threats and try to concentrate on short-term plans. They follow their self-made views and examine self-performance to practice substantial and perform job accordingly. On the contrary, thoughts and practices of leaders involve a use of heart and mind logistics. Leaders possess capabilities to sense all possible facilities, which help them plan long-term strategic methods; they do intend to follow their viewpoints. They are flexible enough to alter or create new vision with the demands of the time. They simply do not focus to perform assigned duties in control like the managers` approaches, but they struggle for their dreams along with inspiration and self-motivation. In general, managers are looked as administrators not as leaders. Concept of managers as leaders emphasize on the fact that managers while performing as leaders are expected to promote new approaches. Managers can only perform as effective leaders, when they show interest towards executing proposed strategies of achieving goals. Additionally, they should have some qualities to inspire their followers and workers performing under their observations. A manager can inspire people like leaders by utilizing technical strategic tools (Adeniyi 2007). For example, if a manager intends to lead and manage things at the same time quietly, he/she can perform far much better than a cheerful leader. Most importantly bridging the gap between the basic difference in managers and leaders` functions can help managers to perform as efficient leaders (Adeniyi 2007). For example, leaders bring up new ideas and managers regulate the existing ideas, thus at this point it is vital that managers should understand the importance of taking up challenges, through changed strategies and modernized approaches. For the managers to perform as effective leaders it is vital to understand the demands of the position and fundamental requirements for being a good leaders otherwise, the whole organization has to suffer (Adeniyi 2007). F ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "The difference between leadership and management techniques and their influences on the organizational structure" is quite popular among the assignments in university. Still, this essay opens a new perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the manner for my own sample.

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