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Project Management applied to House Renovation - Assignment Example

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This study looks into house renovation as an alternative process to repair existing homes. This is also sometimes referring to instituting changes to suit the needs of residents who needed to introduce minor or major repair or remodeling to add more spaces, architectural styles, or add more functional structures. …
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Project Management applied to House Renovation
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Download file to see previous pages This method is beneficial and purposeful when the subject is too complex to unravel which demands a web of discussion to correlate theories of engineering, architecture, economics, and performance management of its workers (Shuttleworth, 2008). As a case study, the discussion hopes to generate careful thought and accurate explication that would be helpful in the realization of the project (Shuttleworth, 2008). Limitations The researcher is limited to discuss only about house renovations and the significance of performance management in executing the project plan. The limitations is centered solely about the challenges of an organization in defining, measuring and motivating workers’ performance to make the work cost-efficient and effective (Hartog, Boselie, & Paauwe, 2004) following the organizational strategies in human resource management and of quality control standards (Hartog, et al., 2004). It will therefore consider all models that are considerate of key workers’ roles, functions, communication expertise, skills, perceptions— all of which are subject to managerial capacity and other related causality (Hartog, et al., 2004) of renovation and construction. The researcher is likewise limited by international standard of professional ethics in the conduct of research. Related Literature House renovation is an economic activity because this will involve the use of human and capital resources, thus, considerate on household income that will guarantee the full completion of the project (Plaut, et al., 2010; p. 462). It is also dependent on decisions made by the family—as the latter make some rational choice on engineering design and on renovation model it seeks to effect, as well as, the structure they wish to change. This is...
This essay discusses house renovation as an economic activity because this will involve the use of human and capital resources, thus, considerate on household income that will guarantee the full completion of the project. It is also dependent on decisions made by the family—as the latter make some rational choice on engineering design and on renovation model it seeks to effect, as well as, the structure they wish to change. This is therefore inclusive of logistics analysis and the theoretical precepts governing decision-making relating to renovation because persons involved must be sensitized on the present value of property, the variables of demolition and reconstruction, and, the cost of the construction materials that will be utilized in renovation. These variables cover (a) personal and household variables; (b) housing variables, and (c) geographic variables. The first variables are inclusive of data and information of household’s demographic profiles such as the number of residents of a specific home, their gender, status, nationality, and their economic status. The latter is significant to determine the credit quality of the household and in determining their level of accountability when such renovation falls within the market cycle when mortgage is of high interest rate. The second variable cover matters about the value of the house sought to be renovated with it’s anent tax, mortgage rate and its physical condition. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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