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This research aims to evaluate and present managing human resource in large organisations such as Boeing and Airbus. The paper will demonstrate HR implications of complex organizations and ways of staff appreciation and rationality of Boeing’s promises to trade union members. …
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Managing Human Resource in Large Organisations
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that managing such large organizations as Boeing and Airbus with employee base ranging up to 18, 000 employees is a complex endeavor. Due to the diversity of the organisation, many employees come from different cultural and ethnic background and therefore have different personal values, which must be respected. Construction industries such as Boeing and airbus involve assembly of millions of parts. This calls for a wide variety of expertise. Some may be low as workshop attendants, cleaners, and drivers while others may be highly qualified personnel such as engineers, analysts, and quality inspectors. Each class have different needs, values, hierarchy of needs and issues to be addressed. This makes handling such a complex work base a difficult effort. Heavy construction industries require a very diverse pool of skills. This implies that the workforce will consist of old and experienced experts who have been in such industries for years. Such workers are of high value to any organisation. On the other hand, young, enthusiastic, and highly skilled workers are also required to inject new ideas, and introduce recent advancements in technology into the production process. Indeed, most large manufacturing industries invest heavily in developing young workforce. Most of the young generation are often employed in research facilities of such organizations. The needs, gratifications, and issues affecting these diverse groups are different and handling them increases the complexity of the human resource management problem. ...
Managing and handling issues from an international perspective demands a very wide dimensional approach. Teamwork in manufacturing organizations such as Boeing and Airbus is of utmost importance. At times, the companies have to organise up to 200 work teams, which must work in harmony towards achieving the desired production goals. Organising such teams from a pool of varied professionals, different age, cultural and religious background presents a complex puzzle for human resource management. The gravity of the issue is increased by the sensitivity of the manufacturing process, which demands a synchronised approach to work (Lam, 2009). Compensation of different workers presents one of the most complex problems for large manufacturing organizations. Different expertise demand different pay grades. However, similar expertise from different nationality may require different compensation in terms of remunerations and other work benefits. Minimising compensation expenses whilst addressing different hierarchical needs of every single employee is truly a complex task for human resource management. Despite the complexities, human resource has different methods of approach to ensure that all the staff members feel as part of the design and production process. First, human resource must understand the different patterns of personal values and gratification. Different employees must be treated differently depending on personal motivation factors. For instance, some workers may value achievement, affiliation, power, and responsibility while others may prefer promotion and growth. There are two primary types of motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic. Most of the employees will fall in either category and it is the role of human resource to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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