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The paper tells that inside a corporation, the success of overall project is contextual. In addition, all the attributes of an organization such as its culture, its strategy, its structure each play a significant and central part and they collectively form an environment in which a project flourishes or fail. …
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Business Project Management
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that before initializing a project, project manager and team must be sure about the structure of the host firm because it influences their project and the operations they seek to perform. In addition, the culture of an organization is composed of certain attributes such as values, attitudes, viewpoints and behaviors of its staff members. In addition, it demonstrates the established principles and values of the organization, infusing all the activities which a corporation performs. In simple words, it can make a project a success or a failure. However, the perfect organizational culture is that in which projects are well thought-out in strategic management and are executed to promote and support a firm’s corporate strategy and corporate goals. As a result, top management pays more attention to them and assigns more and more organization’s resources to allow them to be successful. Here strategic management is the discipline of building, implementing, and assessing cross-functional decisions that facilitate a corporation to attain its goals. Moreover, each corporation has its own model organizational culture, operating systems and inside and outside resources to attain this. In addition, at the present it is necessary for the project managers to be familiar with the cultural, organizational and social environments adjacent the project. It could be done by recognizing the stakeholders and their capability to have an effect on the project. Thus, it could lead towards the likelihood of influencing project surroundings in an optimistic manner. Therefore, the any kind of risks could be considerably diminished; however failure to adopt such a way could unavoidably lead to a less than acceptable ending. In addition, the successful project managers would be familiar with the importance to put some effort in changing or improving the organizational culture for the benefit of the project stakeholders. In this scenario, it is the responsibility of every team member of a project, undeniably every employee of the organization, needs to be influenced to express the attitude that, just as they are stakeholders, as well as every other project stakeholder is also vital (Wideman, 2001). Moreover, the organization's culture plays a significant role in success rate of projects. Take into account that this is about projects all throughout a corporation, not just about one specific project. In addition, the culture of a host organization plays possibly the major role in whether their organization is flourishing in running projects. On the other hand, if a supplier firm faces challenges running projects productively with the host firm, they cannot blame the project managers. In fact, they are struggling surrounded by a culture that is not in support of their struggle. Thus, it is essential for the project manager as well as the top management of the supplier firm to identify and assess the culture of the host organization. Until they are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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