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VICA - Enjoy the difference Company - Essay Example

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This essay shall focus on the VICA - “Enjoy the difference” Company. This company has had massive praise on its ability to maintain its name in the European as a car manufacturing corporation. Over the years, the corporation has endeavored to produce high quality cars with high technology. …
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VICA - Enjoy the difference Company
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Extract of sample "VICA - Enjoy the difference Company"

Download file to see previous pages From this research it is clear that VICA - “Enjoy the difference” Company is keen to check the profit and losses incurred by the company. Focus on the workers’ demands is among the company’s major concerns, to develop a rapport between the management and the workers as well as, keep the company on its toes. The target group of the company’s City car falls below 25years while the Large car is persons between the ages of 41-55years. On the part of the City car the vehicle is suitable for short distances, and is affordable for the youngsters. On the other hand, the large car is suitable for the old people who require carrying luggage of varying sizes and moving over long distances. In the first round, the researcher’s group selected the City car and the Large car to be a man product. They found out the City car to be of low price, high volumes and makes the most profit. The group attempted to categorize the different characteristics of the target market. In terms of the City and large cars, the researcher’s group put in focus attributes of comfort, safety, speed, technology and style of the car. The reasons behind the selection of these attributes is that is the age group under the age of 25 years are more concerned with safety, style and technology of the make of the car. Contrary, the age group between 41- 55 years prefer a car that is comfortable, has a sense of style and high technology. In Round 1, the market share was designed in such a way that, it would target 1% of the City and Large cars. However, it proved extremely tasking to fit in the new market, with the competition posed by the gurus. The Company embarked on a mission to produce Citizen-the City car and Lugano- Large car. The two makes of vehicles incorporate a large percentage of the market share that contributes greatly to Round 4. In this round, there indicated a great deal of drop in the market share of the Citizen to 0.95% and Lugano, 1.39%. By the end of the first year, the Citizens cars stood at 53,300 while Lugano’s was 40,950. The gross margin was 14.52% and 27.46% for Citizen and Lugano respectively. The drop indicated after the first round stood at 9.09% and 1.59% correspondingly. The reason behind this occurrence is the fact that, the number of vehicles selected by the target groups was slightly higher than what had been budgeted for in the earlier ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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