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The research aims to investigate the following: administrative performance of the company, its benchmark setting, recruitment, staff mobility, drain to other companies, promotion criteria, diversity, employment, professionalizing, overspecialization, autonomy, administrative strength and lack of impartiality…
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Employee Development and Talent Management
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Download file to see previous pages It is evident from the study that human resource department is responsible for attracting prospective employees through hiring, and training, evaluating, retaining, and performing other functions that make work beneficial for both employees and the firm. In other words, the human resource management is the link between the senior management and employees. This department works to ensure that the workforce is utilized effectively to further organisational goals while ensuring employee interests are not ignored. The human resources department has various professionals who must work together for the department to execute its roles flawlessly. In small start-up businesses, one individual handles the various roles of a human resource officer since the issues are few with a low number of employees. However, in larger organizations, human resource is a full department with various professionals specializing in the numerous functions of the human resource management.The functions of the human resource management include creating an enabling environment, in addition to, promotion of employee training and talent development. This task includes regular, formal and informal training of employees at all levels as well as identifying and encouraging growth of careers for employees with the potential for growth. One current concern of the human resource management in the UK revolves around striking a balance between the cost of labour and the quality and quantity of production. This is because there is highly qualified labour in the UK, which comes at a cost so high that it deters a company from making desirable profit margins. In addition to the cost, human resource departments face the challenge of workforce shortage and have to contend with importing labour, especially from Asia where majority of the educated population is young (Scholz and Bohm 2008, p. 245; Banfield and Kay 2008). In employee training and development, the human resource team faces many issues that harden tasks and make it ineffective. Crucial issues include assessment of administrative performance, and setting of benchmarks for competency, transparency, accountability and a sense of public interest. Other issues are categorised based on the functions of the human resource management. These categories include recruitment issues, employment issues, autonomy concerns and structural issues. All these issues have to do with fair decision making and allocation of resources in a way that promotes achievement of company objectives and at the same time taking care of employee interests. The human resource should create a balanced workforce with no discrimination whatsoever which is mainly based on race, gender, education level, religion or any other basis. However, the non-discrimination policy should not put the main company objective profit maximisation in jeopardy. In an attempt to explain why employee training is not all that effective, the study first aims to identify various issues that the human resource management team faces as it does employee training and development. The next aim was to make recommendations on some steps that could reduce or eliminate these challenges for effective human resource management (Briscoe, Schuler and Claus 2008, p. 200; Dowling, Festing and Engle2008, p. 153). Critical Issues Administrative Performance The human resource management is responsible for the welfare of the whole company’s workforce, including that of the top management. The human resource management is part of the company management that it is supposed to assess. However, it is a hard task analysing the performance of administrative departments since that is akin to supervising oneself. In this case, the human resource management may not be objective enough to ensure impartiality in its analysis. This is a matter of concern especially because the people that sit in other management offices are, in many cases, the ones that sit in assessment panels. It is human nature for these individuals to put their personal interests ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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