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FUNDAMENTALS OF LEADERSHIP: BMW Company case - Essay Example

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The theories presented in paper helps in imparting the theoretical part of leadership into an individual after which these individuals can use the knowledge in real life circumstances. Learning to become an outstanding leader is assumed as a continuous process of self-study, edification, guidance and experience.

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Download file to see previous pages The intention of this study is the leadership that can be regarded as, the process in which a certain personality within an organization influences others, into achieving a single goal or objective and in a manner that suggests, cohesiveness within that particular organization. Leaders accomplish these processes successfully through the application of comprehension and proficiency obtained throughout the leadership process. Although, the leadership is something that a person obtains through learning skills and knowledge exhibited by leaders get influence from the leader’s personal attributes such as ideas, principles and moral code. Therefore, it means that the familiarity, and skills acquired by a leader put in straightforwardly to the leadership abilities while, the personal attributes of the leader make the leaders bear certain unique characteristics. Leadership requires people who have managed to understand completely, their individual needs and personality in order to be sure that the leader will eventually lead the rest of the organization, to the right direction. Lack of single-mindedness by leaders within an organization could only mean failure in the far end. Leadership involves four principal aspects and these are; the leaders themselves, the circle, communication and situation. The leaders have to be honest towards the cohorts in terms of their abilities and weaknesses for an effective leadership. This becomes indispensable for creation of inspiration among the organization workers, in case the followers lack confidence in their leader, and then they may lose their inspiration. The leaders have to define the superlative style to run their activities efficiently by proper observation of their followers’ response towards various headship styles. The leaders have to recognize the approaches that engender the required motivation among the association employees, and any unusual response means a change towards that approach (Ramer 2008, 3). Communication can also be considered an essential component within an organization’s leadership success. The leaders and his followers have to establish an effective communication to build on the affiliation between the two. Leaders within a leadership model have to recognize the leadership approach that a certain situation requires. This means that the person involved in leadership ought to have a perfect understanding of the circumstances that exists within their field. In most cases, leadership aims at making the followers of a certain leader have the urge to pull off high target aspirations within the administrative context. Greater leadership entails finding and solving challenging processes, bearing a shared apparition with the followers, being the model all the way through the process and endow with encouragement towards the inner self (Ramer 2008, 5). Leadership requires an understanding of various theories that mostly commonly applied to the organizational procedures together with their applications in the real sense. In management, various theories are applied in the explanation of various supervisory concepts for success in its endeavors. Question 1 BMW CEO appears more to be a transformational leader in relation to the company’s strategies in achieving the laid down aspiration and objectives. The company had beforehand been underperforming before the CEO joined ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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