Talent Management for Ang Mo Kio- Thye Hua Kwan Hospital - Dissertation Example

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This paper is aimed at evaluating the existence of differences in the perceptions of the managers and the employees regarding talent management policies and practices in the largest community hospital, Ang Mo Kio - Thye Hua Kwan Hospital in Singapore. …
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Talent Management for Ang Mo Kio- Thye Hua Kwan Hospital
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Download file to see previous pages initions 2.3 Talent Management Frameworks 2.4 Talent Management Techniques Vs Replacement Planning and Succession Planning Techniques 2.5 Key Success Factors for Talent Management PART 2: Talent Management and Organizational Performance 2.6 Does the employee attitude towards Talent Management affect their performance? 2.7 Does the managers' attitude towards Talent Management affect their employees performance 2.8 Is there alignment between what employees perceive and what the managers practice? 2.9 Employee Motivation and Productivity and How to Enhance These 2.9.1 Employee Motivation and Factors that affect it 2.9.2 How to Enhance Employee Performance by Enhancing Motivation Chapter 3: Research Questions and Hypotheses Chapter 4: Research Methodology 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Choice of Methodology 4.3 Population and Sampling 4.4 Research Instruments 4.5 Procedure 4.6 Data Analysis 4.7 Ethical Considerations Chapter 5: Results 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Results 5.2.1 Impact of Perception of Talent Management Practices on Motivation and Satisfaction of the Employees 5.2.2 The Impact of Managers’ Perception of Talent Management Practices on Business Performance 5.2.3 Comparison of Employees and Managers’ Perceptions 5.2.4 The Impact of the difference in the managers’ and the employees’ perception of the talent management practices on the business performance Chapter 6: Discussion 6.1 Impact of Perception of Talent Management Practices on Motivation and Satisfaction of the Employees 6.2 The Impact of Managers’ Perception of Talent Management Practices on Business Performance 6.3 Comparison of Employees and Managers’ Perceptions 6.4 Managers Recognize Employees’ Strengths and Weaknesses 6.5 Challenges for the Organization Chapter 7: Conclusions 7.1 Summary of Findings...
According to the research with the rapid advancement of business potential owing to the globalization and enhanced communication and Information technology, there is felt a need to develop human resources that are highly professional, skilled and apt to help any organization make a difference in the competitive market. The medical organizations, especially in the case of hospitals, need to enhance their competence while maintain their professional and ethical standards to serve the customers better. The growth in technological investment that is needed to remain viable for the hospitals has put additional cost pressures on them. Also, the highly mobile nature of medical professionals has required that the hospitals be prepared to develop job packages that are lucrative and attractive and that can keep the employees satisfied and motivated. The concept of talent management – or managing the entire talent pool in an organization from selection, to training and development and motivation – is readily applicable in the context of the health organizations. The premise for investing in talent management is that the organizational resources, capital or technological, are only one aspect for the organizational success. The main organizational resource is the human capital as the quality of people an organization employs largely dictates the quality of output and competitive advantage that it may enjoy. It therefore makes sense to focus on talent management in any organization and more specifically in the case of health organizations as much of the work involves human centered activities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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