Strategic Management: Willa Seldon at Tides Center - Case Study Example

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The present paper aims to discuss the strategic management of the Tides Center organization. Particularly, the paper will focus on the Willa Seldon who is in charge of the Strategic Planning and Implementation. Finally, the paper represents contemporary problems and recommendations…
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Strategic Management: Willa Seldon at Tides Center
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Download file to see previous pages Will Seldon is a Yale Law and Harvard Business School graduate. From a career that kick-started in 1987, she has never looked back. She has worked at agencies such as Salomon Brothers, Williams-Sonoma, AirTouch Communications, and Milepost before joining Tides Center. Looking at her career development, it is evident that she has had a rich work experience filled with varied profiles, each teaching her something new and helping her to grow as a person as well as aiding her to take on her organization with great strides.  By 2003 Seldon had adopted a baby girl, Sonia and it was around this time that she was looking for a new position after having left Milepost. At this juncture, she was looking to do something that could make her baby proud of her. She was not one to stay at home. She knew she had to work and be away from her baby and this was the only justifiable job she could think of that was reason enough to stay away from her baby. This shows the strength that this woman has and the values that kept her on the right path. Another reason she picked Tides Center was the type of work they did. She was well aware that if she chose to work with a non-profit of this magnitude, she would not just be helping out at the non-profit at hand and the people connected with them. The structure of Tides Center ensured that she would work with and help out all the agencies that they were associated with and turn that many more people. This was a very good reason to choose to work with Tides Center. Willa Seldon used her expertise and work experience in her profile at Tides Center in a way that benefitted all. Her work is truly exemplary. She is also a very good speaker and has led various discussions on leadership, something she is extremely well versed with. ( Willa Seldon: A true Leader Willa Seldon in her time at Tides Center has brought about many changes. When she accepted her spot at Tides Center, she took her time planning what she would do at the new organization. Strategic planning is an organizational process of developing its direction, strategy as well as decision making on how to allocate resources in order to meet its desired goals. (Pride and Ferrell 2008). Being a non-profit organization, Tides would need a new approach to work on. But Willa did not rush into anything. She took her time to think about what needed to be done. She put in research and time into what she did in order to do it well and in the long run that’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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