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Should we still talk about a digital divide - Essay Example

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This paper objective is to evaluates and demonstrate various perspectives regarding digital divides, leading to a conclusion of whether there is one or not. This study also aims to discuss inclusion and networks with regards to the information age…
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Should we still talk about a digital divide
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Download file to see previous pages The use of e-mails significantly enhanced information exchange in business, learning institutions as well as between individuals (Zittrain 2009). Initially the cost of internet connection, just like any innovative technology in the market cost a huge sum of money upon its commencement and availability in the market. According to research, by the year 2004, almost 50% of adults in America alone do not have access to internet technology, a situation that is attributed to financial constraints (Warschauer 2003). There after, the price of applying this technology has reduced tremendously allowing all economic classes to access information, other factors such as literacy and awareness held constant. With regards to the economic perspective, digital divide is a concept that is fading day by day especially in the developed countries. Mobile phones that have internet access are available in the market at reduced cost than they used to be, and people can communicate better using modern communication software such as Skype. According to Turban et al., (2011), Skype serves an average of 25 million clients during peak hours. It has been significant in the lifestyles of the modern society. The most important aspect has been lowering the cost of telephone services. Subscribers of Skype are able to communicate effectively through unlimited phone calls, which is not possible through the common telephone service providers. Moreover, Skype services are accessible globally and therefore every person who has access to the internet can use them (Booth, 2010). Owen et al. (2006) observes that in the developed economies, people have an opportunity of choosing what kind of communication to use rather than where...
According to the research findings there are various theories that have been applied to explain the concept of digital divide. These lead to three categories of digital divides including; the economic divide, usability divide and empowerment divide. To begin with, the theory of economic divide is focused on the affordability of information systems and equipment such as computers and telephone. During the inception of Information Technology in the society, the acquisition of computers by individuals required large amounts of money. This limited information flow to a small group of wealthy people who could afford a personal computer. The digital divide was large on a global perspective. The rate of adoption of ICT was also different among global economies. The complexity of emerging technology has locked out many people from accessing and utilizing information. This limitation goes beyond economic aspects with regards to the existence of a digital divide. Most of the less developed countries are still struggling to accomplish the objectives of primary education. Computer literacy is considered to be tertiary level and hence little or no resources are budgeted for it. Empowerment is the practice of augmenting the religious, political, societal, racial, gender and ethnic strength of individuals and groups of people to acquire the confidence needed to accomplish a particular goal. The empowered develop confidence in their competences. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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