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Name: xxxxx Student No: xxxxx Tutor: Graeme Price / Lynn Holmes Assignment Profile: Individual Report Hand in Date: 26 November, 2011 Word Count: 2749 (Excluding Exhibit “A”) Table of Contents Contents Page No 1.1 Purpose of a Personal Development Plan for Mid Level 03 Manager and Organization 1.2 Management Style 03 1.3 Personal Development Plan 05 1.3.1 Current State 05 1.3.2 Long and Short Term Objectives 06 1.3.3 Time Management 07 1.3.4 Impact of Management Styles on PDP 08 2.1 Differences between Data and Information 08 2.1.1 Quantitative Data 09 2.1.2 Qualitative Data 09 2.1.3 Example 09 2.2 Tesco Stakeholders 10 2.3 Development Plan for Stakeholders Need 11 3.1 Staffing Policy 12 …
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Individual Report on Management
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Download file to see previous pages It includes development of abilities and skills, building up of education and management, improving of self awareness and standard of life, and realization of aspirations. The concept of personal development is not limited to individual level but it also refers to the organizational level in terms of improvement in system, equipment, technology, method, practices and appraisal considerations in organization to support the personal development plan at individual level. A middle level manager needs to recognize his / her current and future role in Tesco Inc. Primarily the purpose of personal development plan is to assist the individuals to achieve their targets more effectively. A personal development plan offers several options to manager to improve his career and management style. Tesco is an international firm and mid-level managers effectively contribute at functional level. Therefore, PDP enables the Tesco’s mid level managers to list a variety of goals and steps for their development with respect to the analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and identifies the areas they need to emphasize with additional knowledge and better understanding. Tesco management can get short and long term aspirations to catch their strategic goals and have evidence regarding the progression towards the set target. Through PDP, Tesco management not only can improve their existing operations but it also facilitates them to review their existing and future plans. 1.2 Management Style In fact a management style is an overall application of leadership which the managers have to perform in terms of their role and tasks in Tesco. The handling of routine work and particular contingencies depends on the managerial styles. Lewin et al (1939) suggested a continuum theory of leadership that identified three basic styles which are used as management styles by managers at their level. Management styles vary from manager to manager in all organizations. Same is the case in Tesco. There are some autocrat managers in Tesco who have little trust in group members and believe that money is the only reward that will motivate workers. At the other end of the continuum is the laissez-faire managers who have little or no self-confidence in their managerial role, they set no goals for the employees, and minimize the communication and interaction. Autocrat Democrat Laissez-faire Benevolent Autocrat (Fig. 1) The democratic management style can be the most effective and productive style for Tesco. The style encourages the subordinates by providing an opportunity to share their views in decision making process. Democratic style explains the reasons to the group for decisions when necessary and objectively communicates criticism and praise to subordinates. This in turn motivates the employees and feel them importance in organizational structure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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