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Strategic Rationale, Masters Objectivity and Self Analysis  The beginning of my Masters Degree at UWBS was based on the understanding that I needed to further specific skills to advance within my career field. There was knowledge that without the right basis and knowledge, there would be the inability to create the right approach to my future and the desires I had for the goals which were needed…
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Strategic Rationale, Masters Objectivity and Self Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The influence came from the observation that without furthering my education, there wouldn’t be the ability to advance in any career field or set the pace for the desires which I had and the goals which were set into place for my future. The rationale and objectivity for studying the Masters Degree and positioning this into longer term strategies began with overall goals which I had toward a career field and the skills required for movement further forward in my desired area of knowledge. The main approach was to gain business knowledge that was associated with the degree and the associations which related to this. My long term goals were based on business development and moving forward within a career and workspace. There was an understanding that this couldn’t be done without the proper business knowledge. After beginning to study, the personal and career ambitions began to change with personal needs that required altering for my desired field. The personal and career ambitions that were developed were based on gaining business knowledge for a future career. The new expectations which I have are now based on advancing into managerial and high – end executive positions based on my own skills and desires. I believe that the success factors and career ambitions which I now hold are based on beginning to move into the practical applications of the knowledge which I have gained and to continue to practice each of the skills to advance within the career field. The more in which I can gain insight and practical applications to the knowledge from the Masters Degree, the easier it will be to move into the higher positions that are a part of the business field of my choice. Strategic Analysis of your Masters Abilities  The ability to perform with a future international business is one which is dependent on both personal and interpersonal skills. There are a variety of expectations that are a part of functioning with a multinational business, including time management, organization, research, critical thinking, writing and communicating with others. Each of these skills alters the ability to work within different fields and allow an individual to propel forward with their career (Davies, 2011: 51). I found that, while I had the ability to have a strong personality and desire for a future with an international business, most of the basic skills were not allowing me to move forward with specific needs. The need to move into stronger communication and management skills is the main focus which I have found that I need to focus on. The academic and intellectual business knowledge that is combined with the personal Mastership objectives is based on furthering the skills which I did not have when beginning the Masters program. This concept moves into in – depth practices that I have learned, specifically with communication. The basis begins with writing skills that are associated with the academic knowledge needed. This combines with skills that pertain to listening, responding appropriately and communicating in the proper manner. The interviewing and questioning that is associated with this combines with the ability to work in teams and to have better academic and intellectual understanding of organization and concepts such as IT skills. Developing these and continuing to practice with different needs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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