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How Does Organizational Change Manifest Organizational Behavior - Research Paper Example

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From this research it is clear that the Turkish National Police has been changing since the 1980’s reforms. The organization has a traditional, hierarchy controlled structure that do not gel well with the modern management systems and procedures that allow employees to be an active part of the decision making process…
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How Does Organizational Change Manifest Organizational Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages The intention of this study is organizational culture as a set of values and beliefs that guides employees on how and when to perform a task. It also states what kind of behavior is expected from the employees and accordingly behaviour should be moulded to fit into the organization’s structure. However, there is a great difference between the perceived behavior and actual behaviour. There is no guarantee or assurance that employees would think and behave in an expected manner. Behaviours are driven by the impact of internal and external factors and thus would differ from what the organization dictates. Organizational culture is the supreme force that shapes the behavior, attitude and understanding of employees within the organization. Culture is a set of rules and values shared amongst the employees. The organizational culture shapes employees perceptions and ideologies along with striking the right cord with the ideologies and beliefs of the organization. Organizational culture can be considered as a psychological contract between the employees and the employer based on few formal and informal rules and regulations. There is no denying that behavior and attitude is shaped by the culture and the organization is responsible to offer a positive shape based on ethically accepted principles and norms to create long term mutual support and benefits. The organizational culture of the Turkish National Police is different from that of private companies based on informal communication and approach. The Turkish National Police Administration’s culture is centralized, paramilitary and semi bureaucratic that suggests that employees are supposed to think and behave as per the written and prescribed rules of the organization. This kind of approach may attract conflicts of ideas and understanding that might not shape employee’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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